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  1. Mr Jinje DISM Tool™

    Thanks for the rapid response. I did as you said and the files are there! I have the cab for RTL 8187 and nvidia. Only thing is Windows is using the 191.07 driver and Nvidia has the WHQL 195.62 out now. I will try to find the cab or create it since I have the older version for a reference. Thanks dude. I love your tool ..... It works great...saves me from having to lookup all the DISM commands and typing at a command prompt. It is simple and I didn't have to install anything other than the program since DISM is already inside of Windows 7. Your solution is the best on MSFN if anyone asks me. GREAT WORK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Mr Jinje DISM Tool™

    Mr Jinje.... Thanks for your tool (ouch...more spit) I didn't read the first farkin instruction. I just clicked buttons. Figured it out in about a minute. Excellent work on the GUI dude. I added hotfixes, serial number, drivers and SLIC. I'm up and running on the OS and typing this message with it. No problems. Works great. Beautiful. One question. When I run update I do get a couple of updates...KB915597, KB890830 and don't know if these can be slipped or not. Anybody? I also get 3 driver updates. ATK0110 ACPI Utility Googled...downloaded INF...Manually installed...works...verified with Windows update...will install to .wim. Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX building custom .cab for latest 195.62 WHQL drivers...will install to .wim Realtek RTL8187 Wireless 802.11b/g Found it following Jinjes directions below....will install to .wim. These devices are working...these are just updates. Does anybody know how to find these exact drivers after they are installed so I can update them in my .wim? I can't find the drivers on Windows update. I've been searching...but I figure somebody can comment on what works best for them. Thanks!
  3. WMP10 Slipstreamer Version 1.1

    Setup cannot set the required configuration...blah blah blah.... This is after slipstreaming Ryan's update (which works fine) and then adding the MP10 slipstream on a XP-Pro SP2 CD. Everything is fine without the MP10 slipstream......... So...back to the drawing board....your scripts don't work.
  4. WMP10 Slipstreamer Version 1.1

    I'm frustrated. I've been trying to make a good CD/DVD for over 24 hours with NO luck. I'm following the directions to a TEE.....Doesn't work....... OK...what is wrong with my procedure. Copying SP2 contents to folder C:\UWXP. Run Nlite and apply RVMUpdatePack1.2.1Full.cab. Run all the driver slipstream using option 2. No errors. Follow the WMP10 slipstream procedure. Create image file...burn with Nero. Disk works until first reboot of XP installation...DOS box opens and driver insertion passes for a handful of drivers and then they all start failing. I don't think they will work if they fail.....so I stop the process. Throw CD in trash........ I can read......am following instructions to a TEE. I think the mediaplayer SS is causing the problems. Gonna try without MP10. Anybody got an answer?