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  1. @Kelsenellenelvian The company I work for researched your app to make sure that it did not violate any copyrights or permissions by using it in a corporate environment and have been using it for approx. a year. Now, you have decided to charge for the application (which is understandable) but offer no support outside of the forums which I spent most of today searching to get an answer to my question. Additionally, you do not explain or justify your sudden licensing strategy or make any effort to answer my post - you took one minute to paste a generic link to your standard message. This does not give me the impression that your support structure would be any better. I have also used this at home and recommended it to several friends. Rest assured, that will no longer continue to be the case. For those of us who have worked with WPI for years and did what we could (within our means) to support this excellent application, the "answer" to my forum post is quite simply a slap in the face. I wish you continued success but it will not be due to any effort on my part.
  2. I'm still looking through the forums but I'm having the exact same issue and I did put START /WAIT at the beginning of all my application .cmd install files. The WPI installer runs all the .cmd files one after the other without pausing between each one and closes while apps are still beating each other up for msiexec rights..... Has anyone else who has run into this problem found a solution? I am trying to standardize the WPI installer for mulitple client sites and using .cmd files so I don't have to keep updating the WPI - I can just change the name of the .exe in the .cmd file. Thanks to everyone in advance for your help!
  3. My hat is off to you. The script needed minor tweaking both because the name had changed and I "simplified" the executable name to WindowBlinds.exe - suffice it to say that this last little pest has been put to rest. It runs quick too. Is it possible to minimize or hide the install when you use AutoIt? Thank you again for your help.
  4. I'm sorry - apparently I have offended you which was not my intention. I wasn't asking anyone to figure it out for me, I was asking if anyone had already figured it out. Thank you again for your information - it's very very appreciated. I tried several registry "monitor" programs myself without finding the key. I will just try to take care of this by myself as you have suggested,
  5. That is the only mention of anything close to what I was looking for. It doesn't really turn "off" the option just extends the delay. I checked that setting with the option checked and unchecked and it doesn't change. Standard value for that key is 400. Thank you for the help but I have this quest to find the registry key that is changed when you check/uncheck that and it is driving me crazy that I can't find it. Thanks again.
  6. I am a registered owner of WindowBlinds 4.5 and I would like to have this automatically installed during my UA process. I have only found one reference on this site and it has to do with an AutoIt install. It uses the WISE installer and so I have looked at the site for those switches. Using either the /s or /silent switch actually does run it in the background....forever. It goes up to 300+ percent and then starts again and does not finish until i kill the process manually (which does NOT install the application). Has anyone had success getting WindowBlinds to install in their UA build? Thanks a LOT for your help guys!
  7. I have looked all over this forum and several others but have not been able to find my answer. It could be that what I am using to search on is incorrect. Anyway, I would like a registry edit to disable the "Open submenus when I pause on them with my mouse" option. I hate that (especially on laptops) but have not been able to find the key for it. Thanks guys for your help - this is a GREAT site!
  8. Yes, let me be more clear. I use this CD for restaging the machines of my friends so I am more looking for an after-install script to cutomize the Users and Machine Name/Network settings. That way I don't have to create a unique cd for each one of my friends. Does this make more sense now?
  9. Ok - I have NO vbs scripting expertise at all so I will leave this to the experts. Is it possible via batch file or vbs script to prompt me for the names of any users that need to be added to the machine and then run the command line syntaxes with the names that i input. Ultimately, I would like this to be accessible via Desktop shortcuts to the Administrator after the install. It would also be helpful to include another shortcut to a batch/vbs that would allow me to customize the name of the machine. Right now, all I have is "MyHomePC" on "MyHomeNetwork". I would like to have this one generic install (I already got the initial uninstall cd to work which is awesome!!!) Please give me some feedback and/or suggestions - I can write batch files but have been out of practice for quite awhile. Thanks to everyone for all of their help in advance. THIS SITE ROCKS!!!!!
  10. Has anyone tried an Unattended install with the batch files, or additional files on a USB Key and the software installations on the CD? I thought this would eliminate the need to switch cds or wait for a prompt. Would create more space on the CD and also would be easier to modify changes to the setup....just a thought.
  11. Yes, I do - the program is called Driver Collector 1.0 and is available off of www.betanews.com by looking at the last 14 days or doing a search. I haven't tried it for the unattended install yet but it seems like it might work
  12. HELLO ALL! I have looked over, up, and under the forums for this information so please bear with me. I would like to start a thread of applications that people NEED switches for. I tried the different methods outlined in the guide for several of these with no success. If anyone else would like to add to this list please feel free. If I have screwed up and missed a post - smack me in the head.... ANYWAY - here is the list that I need: PC-Cillin StyleXP WinZip (the autoinstall instructions on the site DO NOT work) WinACE Trillian WebFerret 5.0 This forum is AWESOME!!! Thanks to everyone who posted things that I have already read and needed.
  13. It was indeed the nic driver causing the problem. Thank you for your help!
  14. Ummm...no - but i will try this now and let you know - I was not aware that it was device-dependent. Thanks for the suggestion...
  15. Here is the problem in a nutshell. I have slipstreamed sp1 into an unattended install of xp. I followed the guide and looked through the forums for a solution. I made sure that I was using the right version of psshutdown.exe. PSShutdown will not work in the load once everything is installed - it gives an error about contacting the service and closes the cmd box. When I try to run it manually by itself it gives me the syntax for the command (thus verifying that it is installed) but when i use psshutdown.exe -r OR pssshutdown.exe -r -t 60 - both of these give me the same error message. This is the exact text below: Error establishing communication with pssshutdown service one MYHOMEPC: The network location cannot be reached.

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