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  1. Perhaps ppjoy will help you - http://www.geocities.com/deonvdw/Docs/PPJoyMain.htm You can create virtual devices, it's not just limited to parallel port
  2. that comment was aimed at me? are you blind? .. my gradient is straight across and not lighter in the top left corner, as in sevenalive's if youre referring to the image BoardBabe posted post #5 - BoardBabe hotlinked the image off of the DA server from sevenalive's login screen, saying thats what s/he wanted an installer screen like.. so what are you getting at? edit: animated gif to compare, you can see how vastly different the two are -
  3. hows this? - made the background from scratch in ps download edit: also, you can edit the texts using WinntbbuED
  4. well, i made it more vista-like than mce, but it might be good for you - http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...454271&st=190
  5. i'm assuming your setup is like this: internet > xp sp2 pc > router > other pc's for the shared connection in windows xp, right click the connection, go to "properties", and on the "advanced" tab, under "internet connection sharing" click "settings", from here you can setup ports to forward to the router, so as long as you know the router's ip just add the ports you need forwarded e.g. tick the "web server" option on the list, and then type in the ip of the router where it would probably say the windows xp sp2 computer's name. for my network i have: internet > router > smoothwall (firewall pc) > switch > my pc's i simply have dmz setup on the router, pointing at the smoothwall, then from the smoothwall i have port forwarding for desired ports to whichever computer i need them to
  6. Not in a long time! the jpeg compression is lossy, and the png file sizes are huge .. photoshop is all i use, from screenshots, to pixel art.
  7. that problem could be one of a few things.. most commonly: bad ram misconfigged hard disks check your bios, make sure your hdd's are set up properly, if theres an option to "load optimised defaults" try that, and also set your cd-rom to first boot device, followed by primary hdd.. then try setup again
  8. if you own a usb thumb drive, you can do this easily with linux distro's such as http://featherlinux.berlios.de/usb-instructions.htm .. looks that all that "computer-on-a-stick" has is a linux distro, and popular open source software, anyways...

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