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  1. Hi everybody! Ok i looked around but couldn't find anything resmebling my issue. I have Dot Net Framework 1.1(+servicepack) & 2(+hotfix) and Windows Media Player 10(also +hotfix) installing from RunOnceEx. I know i can do them both from svcpack.ini but this just seemed simpler to setup and maintain. The installations install beautifully, BUT before they commence I am getting a security warning dialog box that asks if I want to run the application(the installation .exe) or not. What confuses me is that i have several other third party apps (Java, Adobe, Symantec, etc) also installing during RunOnceEx that run without this security warning dialog box. Below is the relevent portion of my RunOnceEx Does this strike a chord with anyone? Or am i missing something totally obvious? I just started an unattended installation this morning so i'll try and post a screen shot later this afternoon of the security warning dialog box. Thank you.
  2. First off i want to thank everyone here for this stuff. Without you all my job would be impossible! I'm beginning to feel like a perpetual noobie. Before i get yelled at I am aware of the silent install method for adaware using '/s' and taskkills posted in these forums. But i was reading a KB article from the Wise about command line switches for software using their packager. It mentioned a '/m filename' switch that can pass variable values to the install. Reminded me of something like the quicktimeinstaller.ini; i was wondering how to go about discovering the variable names used during the adaware SE install to create the answer file. I saw that the installer creates a series of .tmp files in my %userprofile%\local settings\temp directory. I have no way of viewing the contents of those file though. just wondering if this is worth exploring further. the /s + taskkill method does the job but the answer file method seems cleaner. thanks again.
  3. ARGH! I've read these posts about the Quicktime 6.5.X silent installs with the .ini file about a million and one times but for the life of me can't get mine to work. I'm trying to install the free quicktime player through the RunOnceEx.cmd method. I downloaded the full installer from Apple's website. Here's the line(s) from my RunOnceEx.cmd file: REG ADD %KEY%\015 /VE /D "QuickTime 6" /f REG ADD %KEY%\015 /v 1 /D "%systemdrive%\installs\Quicktime\QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe" /f and here's my QuickTimeFullInstaller.ini file contents [QTPrefs] ConnectionSpeed=2147483647 CSMultipleStreams=1 [QTSETUP] license_option=0 no_dialogs=1 registration_dialog=0 supress_speed_dialog=1 install_qtjava=1 install_qd3d=1 install_quicklaunch_icons=0 install_desktop_icons=0 show_sample=0 show_readme=0 show_programfolder=0 install_qtinfo=0 Could someone please tell what I'm doing wrong?!? My QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe and the QuickTimeFullInstaller.ini files are in the same directory. The RunOnce calls the installer ok, i just can't get it to read the .ini file. I'd prefer not to use the Quicktime Alternative or install Quicktime via itunes. thanks
  4. Does anyone know what nLite does to disable System Restore during the install? More specifically is it just deleting some files, modifying a file or two or is there something i can put into my Winnt'sif or unattend.txt to have System Restore disabled. I ran nLite to remove System Restore and it worked I'm just curious to see what it does. Thanks

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