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  1. start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Applications\QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe /f ^^ This one did
  2. For some odd reason, it is working. I added /f at the end just for the heck of it. Did a windows installation on a machines, and it works like a charm. Silly Computers!
  3. Nothing works for me. I tried using the /A switch to make an AIP, but this is not a MSI, it is a .exe file. Any other suggestions?
  4. When I try to install QuickTime 6 using the following in .cmd file: ECHO. ECHO Installing Quick Time ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Applications\QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe /qn and QuickTimeInstaller.ini with: [QTSETUP] license_option=0 no_dialogs=true registration_dialog=false supress_speed_dialog=true install_qtjava=false install_qd3d=true show_sample=false show_readme=false show_programfolder=false install_qtinfo=true in the same directory as QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe, I see this: but nothing after that. Quicktime doesn't get installed. Just to save some trouble, I can't use Quick Time Alternative because of work regulations. What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
  5. Much Gracias. Also, Ryan, your website is great. I have benifited a lot.
  6. I know this topic has been discussed before, but my situation is a little different. This software package is distributed by my school as a .exe file. I tried to use the following code in my batch.cmd file: ECHO. ECHO Installing Symantec Antivirus Corporate 9.0 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\S_AV_9.exe /qn but, when the program runs, I have to click 'next' manually, on all steps. I believe someone mentioned making an AIP step. How would I accomplish that with this self extracting file? Thanks in advance.

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