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  1. Hello!

    I have a critical error :crazy:

    I`ve download all files needed, rename some as you wrote and start CMD ... processing started ... and at the end here comes "Done!"

    And then i come to OUT1 folder, i see 3 files: DNF11.exe, DNF20.exe, DNF30.exe ane EVERY file is size of 57.5 KB (58 954 B).

    Then i run it there error: "7z Unknown error".

    Please help!

    EDIT: Only then i put COMPRESSION_RATIO=LOW the files have normally created. BUT they have LARGE size: DNF11.exe = 11 mb, DNF20.exe = 43 mb !!!!!

    What happend?

  2. I think that was a beta, leading to this final release. I really dont know.

    I am not willing to compromise my system by taking the chance of downloading from such a source.

    If you can provide a URL that isnt on a warez site, example: www.java.com,

    I'll certainly look into it.


    You are so suspicios :ph34r:

    This is UPDATE to Final version Java 6.0 and have the later build than final build 1.6.0_01-b199 to your 1.6.0_00-b105.

    I personally DL it. Check with some antivirus progs, install, reboot, check in internet sites and it works perfectly!!!

    NEW: I use keys from link in your post to check the new version that i DL and install 1.6.0 Update 1

    Microsoft Windows XP [Версия 5.1.2600]
    (С) Корпорация Майкрософт, 1985-2001.

    C:\Documents and Settings\fanat>java -version
    java version "1.6.0_01"
    Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.6.0_01-b199)
    Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.6.0_01-b199, mixed mode)

    C:\Documents and Settings\fanat>java -fullversion
    java full version "1.6.0_01-b199"

    Another proof of this update is newer than final - You cannot install it if you have 1.6.0 RC installed!! Update only for Final release.

  3. Cool! Now iTunes 702 works perfectly! Great work! You fix the bug! :)

    hmm but latest langpack during extracting at 86% popup 7z error:

    "Can not delete output file"

    Maybe because i run it more than once?

    EDIT: I try your new MultiLanguage installer...

    EDIT2: The same cool result! Works 100%! Thnx a lot!

  4. hmm i dont using nLite. I build my Unattended XPCD in oldshool way by hands using MSFN.

    Everything works perfectly because i control everything that i change in XP distrib. And your ITwoQT 701 + LangPack installs and works cool :)

    Maybe Apple change something in service install ? :(

    Can you tell me username who have the same prob.

  5. I have an error with your latest QTwoIT 702.

    Then i run it in the end of installation comes a error:

    Error then starting service "iPod service". Check that you have permission to run system services. Retry or Cancel (no way to continue)

    It error appears on 3 different computers, but were before perfectly installed 701 version.

    Can you fix it?

  6. I use latest build of WUL. Use latest RUS UL. Then i check updates to DL and click Download and there come error

    "Distant server return error 407: Need to check legal of reference " (i translate it from russian).

    Can u help?

  7. After fixing this bug that everybody had, i have one more...

    Now installation process is normal but near every program come a red cross wich MUST means something not good? BUT in wpi log everything is perfect! And progs install and work!

    At this time its not a big problem, i believe in coming 5.2 it will be fixed.

    ADD: And once more! Guys can you help:

    In wpi config i tick Reboot in 45 seconds but then i test it in VirtualPC at the end of install popup a window: Your comp will be restarted in 1 second and PC rebooted!!!??? Is it bug i think!!

  8. Hmmm.

    Strange bug appear.

    I put my config from 4.3.8 in 5.1. Imported OK. But then i add some description or delete some progs. Click Save AND in main window ALL my progs selected as Default install!!!??? :(

    Aahhhell. How can i untick Instal by default for all progs in easy way. (By default i need ony 7 of 59). And by very good to fix that bug !

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