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  1. Another favorite for program add-ons was ajuaonline.com. That domain is no longer up, but thankfully, an archived version informs visitors as of January 2015 that he was moving to a different domain rubenalamina.mx. I'm glad to see that site is still around, as I especially liked his iTunes installer (the really old stuff seems to be gone, sadly; you can see the listing but the download page redirects to nowhere). However, WinAddons has vanished into the ether, and I don't know if anyone has any info as to what happened to it, or where its owner(s) might have disappeared to... :}


    Hi, thanks for the recommendation. I'm still making my iTunes installers and are up to date. I also keep the custom installers for other programs, even the old stuff as you called it, updated. From time to time I remove some and add some that I use as well. Check it out.


    The description of my installers is here. The program list and download links is here.


    PS: I haven't updated the landing page in a long time but I'm planning to do so before the end of this month.

  2. How about including AppleMobileDeviceSupport in the lite installer? I think it's more common that people now have an iPhone than an iPod.

    I still make this installers for my clients, and the majority of them don't have an iPhone, just iPods.

    Also, it would make the installer grow considerably. However, I will remember your suggestion and perhaps I'll add it in future releases.

    You can always extract my installer and add MobileDeviceSupport. After that, you can repack it to make a new switchless installer. There are instructions on this forums.

  3. No error. It ignore the INSTALLDIR command and just install in C:\Program Files (x86).

    Try using TARGETDIR instead of INSTALLDIR. It should work.

    Keep in mind though, that the iPod resources will get install in Program files if I recall correctly.


    I tried AppSupport.msi TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files\Apple\AppSupport" /qb /norestart and it still installed it in C:\Program Filse (x86).

    For AppSupport I'm not sure if the installer supports those properties. iTunes does, according to some of the people that use my installers, though.

  4. I want to remove Kaspersky Anti-virus 2011 silently. I tried with uninstallation string with different switches like /qb! /norestart, but it asks to stop Kaspersky application. When I exits from kaspersky application, that command works. I am not able to stop kaspersky service.

    Can anybody help ?

    Try searching Kaspersky forums. Maybe you can run the Remover.exe silently.

    That app is made by kaspersky to remove their products when something fails. You could also search the knowledge base in their site.

  5. newest x86 build, xp machine

    had bloated apple software removed

    install didn't find the full AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi - an installer sits without processing anything

    adding it in to the temp made it hang

    copying temp and running the .msi's individual completes installation

    had to download webkit, icuuc36 and icudt36 dll's because they were missing

    now I get the CFNetwork.dll procdure entry point error.

    So I am downgrading to your 9.2.x version, but hey it won't let me.

    Clearly this code has several problems for my generic laptop, but what's the solution?

    Did you remove everything Apple from that computer? Try running (google it) MSI cleanup utility from Microsoft to delete any traces of their installers.

    My installers don't run Apple Mobile Device Support. If you need it, try running it from the original iTunes installer.

  6. Ajua,

    How do you install AppSupport on a different directory? I tried the INSTALLDIR="D:\Apps\iTunes" switch, but that didn't work.

    I don't know because I haven't tried to install it to a different folder. What do you get? An error?

    Have you tried to specify a different path?

  7. I am a brave soul who NEEDS her iTunes working ASAP. I clicked on silent installer and was directed to a sleep apnea website. While I could use some sleep, I was really hoping to get my iTunes working. Any luck??

    What installer did you tried to run?

    You can click the Custom Installers link on my signature and download the latest switchless installer...

  8. I've been using Acronis True Image to backup laptops I provide service to and they restoring works every time.

    The version you mention on the Hiren Boot CD is old, use the latest one from Acronis.

    I recommend to make a bootable CD/DVD/USB to make the images to avoid problems.

  9. I don't use the internal 7-zip sfx module commands.

    Why don't you use a batch file to install all those msi files?


    I've made countless installers using the modified module with RunProgram for MSI files . The weird thing had to do with the config.txt because no matter what I put in it before making the EXE with copy /b if I tried the installer or extracted the config.txt from the EXE it will show Mail.msi instead of Writer.msi and the installer will throw an error.

    I just moved the files to a desktop folder and tried to build the installer again and it worked.

    Don't ask me why, but this solved that weird problem with the Windows Live Writer switchless installer. I've extracted the config.txt using the Archive Splitter and it now shows the commands and text that is supposed to be there...

  10. I was finishing my new switchless installers for the updated version of Windows Live Essentials. The only thing left was Windows Live Writer.

    When I tested all the installers, everything worked as expected except for Writer. I got an error because the file was trying to launch Mail.msi and the file inside the archive was Writer.msi so I thought I made a mistake and redid the installer for Writer.

    I changed the config.txt info to launch Writer.msi instead of Mail.msi but when I run the installer, I still get that Mail.msi was not found.

    I have tried to make the installer from scratch, including a new config.txt file and newly made .7z archives. The problems is the same.

    In my laptop, I tried to make them and the same error occurs. There is no way I can make the installer to launch Writer.msi instead of Mail.msi.

    To make things worse, if I extract the config.txt using 7-Zip Archive Splitter and open the file in notepad, the text says Windows Live Mail and the file to launch is Mail.msi when the only config.txt I have is for Writer and there's no way that text about Mail should be there.

    This is one the strangest things that had happened to me.

    Any ideas? I'm going to bed right now I will try tomorrow on a third computer.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I'm using (as always) the modified SFX module. I make the exe files using copy /b in a command prompt.

  11. I've been running RAID0 for about 3 or 4 years for Windows and apps/games.

    I use two old but capable WD 120GB drives and the performance gain over a single drive is noticeable.

    I have yet to see them fail *knocks on wood* and they are like 6 years old.

    My main desktop has Windows x64 with ICH9 and sleep/resume and spin down settings work as expected.

    Every time I reinstall Windows, I load the drivers from an USB flash drive, even knowing that Windows 7 has the last version included, though.

    Try reinstalling your RAID/AHCI drivers and see if there is a BIOS update for our motherboard.

  12. Try reinstalling your audio and video drivers, but be sure to install the latest ones.

    Have you tried a player that comes with integrated codecs? Try Media Classic Home Cinema and see if it can play your files.

    If not, Premiere Elements setup messed up the codecs stuff. You can also try to install a codec package like Win7codecs.

    If you still can't play media files after this, I would suggest that you reformat the computer and reinstall Windows from scratch.

    Provided that you know how and have the time to do it, though.

    I use Premiere Elements 8 in my laptop, but it is Win7 x86. I haven't seen any problem with it so far.

    I have a desktop with Win7 x64 but I don't use it there. Instead, I have a copy of Premiere Pro CS4.

    Some setups can mess with your system. Perhaps that is what happened to you after uninstalling it.

  13. Most certainly Dropbox is what's causing that.

    USB drives/sticks/etc can be removed by just unplugging them. Everything will be fine. There is no need to "safely remove".

    However, if you do have the need for that in case you use a backup program or other application that requires the safe un-mounting of an external device, uninstall Dropbox to see if it is what's causing the problem.

    Many apps that rely on the file system or attach themselves to explorer, tend to prevent the safe removal.

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