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  1. The Hacked method works fine, but update does NOT support /q /n /z switches, you can try place the update.exe with a older version of it, I tried extacting the update.exe file from KB873333.exe and replace it, it works fine for me without prompting for WGA, and the /q /z switches works perfect
  2. I have tried installing Windows with IE7 integrated, and it comes out to a failure! During installation of the GUI part of Windows XP an error message appeared saying a dll registry entry cannot be found. Later after the installation IE7 fails to work reporting an DLL file is missing, tried to put that DLL file into the installation folder, an error would come out saying the system cannot find about:blank!! I strongly recommend NOT to integrate IE7 into the installation of Windows, the best way out is to hack the installation source, repack the installation of IE7 and ONLY add an entry in the SVCPACK.INF
  3. try IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe /s:#:\###### ,mine is working, but I don't know if it works when installed, if you type IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe /? you will find it's the same with general Windows Hotfixes, I tried to install IE7 quietly with /q /z switch in order to skip wga but it doesn't work. in the svcpack.inf I found lines like this :[setupHotfixesToRun] ie7beta1.exe /q /n /z and I found this in hfint.dat [ie7beta1] XPInfBar.wav XPFeedDisc.wav XPBlkPop.wav xmlrw.dll wininet.dll webcheck.dll wdigest.dll VGX.dll urlmon.dll url.dll triedit.dll tips.gif tip.htm tdc.ocx shlwapi.dll shdocvw.dll rsaci.rat pngfilt.dll occache.dll mstime.dll msrating.dll msr2cenu.dll msr2c.dll mshtmler.dll mshtmled.dll mshtml.tlb mshtml.dll mshta.exe licmgr10.dll jsproxy.dll jscript.dll jobexec.dll Jgsh400.dll Jgsd400.dll Jgpl400.dll Jgmd400.dll Jgdw400.dll Jgaw400.dll install.ins inseng.dll inetcpl.cpl imgutil.dll iexplore.exe iexplore.chm iewebhlp.chm ieuinit.inf iesupp.chm ieshared.chm iesetup.dll iernonce.dll iereset.inf iepeers.dll ieos.chm ieframe.dll ieeula.chm
  4. [Display] BitsPerPel = 32 Vrefresh = 60 Xresolution = 1024 Yresolution = 768 AutoConfirm=1 add the autoconfirm line to your winnt.sif, this might work
  5. check the following for details: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/893803/ Issue that is addressed in Windows Installer 3.1 (v2) • Windows Installer no longer fails silently when the installer tries to update a file that is protected by the Windows File Protection feature.
  6. I don't know if this could work for your problem: this usually happens to some typical type of file, for example ,you are downloading a .rm file,and this file was downloaded directly to the temporary folder,you just have to go to the folder options ine control panel, on the filetype tab, find .rm,click advanced, click on "confirm open on download", this might solve your problem. Good Luck!
  7. Hi pals, I'm new here. I've got a problem, I used sysprep to reseal my computer, (I put sysprep.exe and setupcl.exe in c:\sysprep folder), but when system reboot, the screen stops at "please wait" screen, what is wrong? Thanks in advanced

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