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  1. Is it? You mean that, if one disables that specific component, filenames can be different? Well, I'll consider that the problem has been detected. Just not sure if avoiding removal of that component will solve. I think I'll just keep trying to have a chat with the maker of the CD, then! In the meanwhile, if someone could confirm this 'component removal' info... it'd be great. thanks all for your thoughts on this. really
  2. Hm... And MAYBE... just MAYBE it's because MS-DOS only supports the old 8.3 file names... (FOOTSW~1.DOC instead of footswitch.doc) 'Cause I just realised that the errors ONLY occur with files that don't obey to that rule EDIT: Changing MsDosInitiated to 1 doesn't change anything. So... any hints on how to solve this?
  3. So you tested your install CD on an other PC but maybe files needed to install your notebook are not on the cd and thus not on the (MD5 checked directory) hard disk. + I don't think Winnt32 is inteded to be started under Win98 (could be wrong here but I think I have a point in my first statement ). Well... a ) all the files that the installer says it cannot copy ARE THERE. b ) these files (.mui) don't exist in an original release (one without slipstreaming stuff) c ) the other PC that i've tested is also a notebook, and please notice: if I boot (from the CD) in another PC and pass the file copying stages, then move the hard-disk to any other PC (before booting from the HDD after a restart), the rest of the install process goes well. EDIT1: yes, winnt32 is made to be run from within a 32-bit OS. EDIT2: no, I cannot perform step c) for my case, because I want to keep Windows 98 in order to be able to do a fresh install of Windows XP "anytime I want", without having to "open the laptop, remove the HD, perform the first steps in another computer, place the HD back on the laptop..." EDIT3: Third case scenario: Use a virtual machine. - Boot to MS-DOS with CD-ROM support with Win98 CD - Insert the Windows XP CD - cd i386 (enter) - winnt (enter) - file copy process begins... copies some files... after a while: - cannot copy file x... ESC... a little more files copied and... cannot copy file y... So now I'm doing this directly from the CD and the same problem occurs. Now if I boot directly with Windows XP CD in that virtual machine... once again, all goes well.
  4. Cool. What about making it work from within another OS? Any suggestions? EDIT: I don't want to offend anybody. It's just that my problem is still going on since last week. This is really frustrating...
  5. Modified winnt.exe doesn't solve the issue. I wrote down the names of some of the missing files, and they are part of the [Files] section in dosnet.inf, just like thousands of others. I just can't figure out why these files are producing errors, and the rest isn't. Even in the i386 folder, those files exist (name.ex_) Note: most of those files have a .mui extension (like file.xxx.mui), but not all of them... Some of the files:
  6. Then I understood you. All the installation items are located in i386 and its subfolders.
  7. I'm not sure if I fully understood your question, but all the installation items are located in i386 and its subfolders.
  8. Currently investigating and testing MS' KB article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931532 (Error message when you start Windows XP unattended Setup by using Winnt.exe together with the /2 option: "Setup was unable to copy the following file: <FileName>")
  9. I didn't make the CD myself, but... nLite seems to have been used only for splistreaming updates.
  10. Possible hint: Does this have anything to do with DOSNET.INF or TXTSETUP.SIF? Could I edit them in any way that would solve the problem? ... Both files have this last line: ; Customized by nLite - www.nliteos.com
  11. Hello there, guys. I'm kind of lost here so I'm really needing some support Description of the conditions (if you want to see the problem itself, scroll down): I have an old laptop which has no CD-ROM drive and no floppy drive, so there's no option to boot from an external source. It has Windows 98 installed and I want to install Windows XP without removing Windows 98. -The hard disk has two partitions: one (2GB FAT) with Windows 98 and Windows XP installer folder (i386), and the other one (50GB NTFS) is empty; there's where I want to install Windows XP. The Windows XP installer folder I'm using is from an unattended CD, full of updates and some extras. Most of it was made with nLite. The CD works perfectly well if booted directly from it. Description of the problem itself: - Remember I'm using an edited installation folder. Scenario 1 - Trying to install from i386 folder in DOS: - So I boot up to Windows 98's DOS, enter the i386 folder and run winnt.exe. - The XP installer copies some initial files... - After a while, an error pops up saying it couldn't copy a certain file. Scenario 2 - Trying to install from i386 folder in Windows 98: - I open Windows Explorer, go to i386 folder and run winnt32.exe - The XP installer copies some initial files and then restarts the computer - It boots to the same installer as if I ran it directly from DOS and eventually the file copy errors appear. If I choose to ignore the file, lots of file copy errors keep coming up. EDIT: YES, my i386 folder is exactly equal to the one in the CD (MD5 hash check) So... Does anybody knows the solution for this? Should winnt.exe be ran with certain inicialization parameters? Thanks in advance for your time and support. Regards, footswitch
  12. Like I said, that portion of the registry seems to be just trash for windows vista. Changing those values never changed anything at all, at least for me. Regarding that sort of "bug", your folders are correctly named. The thing is, Vista is displaying a different folder name and accepts both the original and the new names. If you want to show only the original name, delete the desktop.ini file (it's a hidden file) inside your Users folder (in your case, located in G:\Profiles\Vista, if I can recall) EDIT: details
  13. That worked in Windows NT version 5. All my tries in Vista produced no results.
  14. -- WARNING -- Currently unsolved issue Alright, I got a good one If we follow these steps (changing the Autounattend.xml to place documents and settings in another partition), the "preinstalled" symlinks will be ruined. Try to open your Documents folder and then, inside it, open My Pictures, My Music or My Videos. These links are actually (or were supposed to be) symbolic links. My Pictures should link to ../Pictures My Music should link to ../Music ... and so on. The system will display an error dialog like "access denied bla bla bla", but the fact is that the symbolic link isn't working properly. Just right-click the link and choose properties. The properties window should provide the absolute path, but it does not. Try to create a simple symbolic link in vista, and see the difference in the properties window of your symlink. UPDATE: Open "cmd" and "cd" into your documents folder. "dir /AL" its contents. my pictures, my music and my video are listed as <JUNCTION>, but they don't act likewise. Also, when you access "This User\My Documents", you should be redirected to "This User\Documents", and so on. There's a LOT of symlinks going inside the Users folder. Any ideas to overcome the issue? I have none. This could be a bug in Vista Unattended Install. EDIT: typos and incoherent info
  15. wng_z3r0, that's nice... really but you can do that same symlink right into another Windows NT O.S., in order to do all the steps without restarting, right? Well if it works with absolutely no flaws, then it's a great workaround to those who don't want to care about XML autoconfig files! Anyways it's a good parallel solution to the one I provided for changing %programfiles%. The difference is this changes it without changing it Nice idea, I had never thought of it!

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