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  1. that was beautiful well written and very true,i totally agree.
  2. try trillium a chat client or miranda perhaps.
  3. I heard people claiming 98se rocks others say me .i no me got a bad rap but if u disable some things it works well,i no theres alot of new programs 4 98se sp2 98setome etc.but u tell me which versions better.BTW i use Xp pro so dont tell me 98 suks ok its a survey im doing 4 a good friend who is force to use 9x due to old pc P2-233mhx.
  4. true why did they release 98se me 200 xp in a 2 yr spand .barely time 2 workout bugs .
  5. more responive hardy har har you must be in a timewarp hey 1998 called they want their cinderblock back .
  6. 1 gig hardrives i had a few of them in my day .if we convert everyone to xp the 98 forum will die oh no lol.its still great 2 see people creating programs here for 98 cause its nice 2 spruce up a os and 98 is so gray and bland.
  7. thx ya un4given . ived used xp at school plenty and friends place .im only on a P2 and its 2 slow we try it once 30 day trial but it was sweet.the thing i found is people back in 2001/2002 resisted change because it was a little different and little getting use 2 and the minute frustration kicked in they curse it and ran back to 98se .one day ill say 98se is fairly simple to operate guess its ok for a newbie on a old box.i even read in forums about people who wanted to make their xp resemble 98 thats silly like having a 8 cylinder and pulling out 4 sparkplugs lol
  8. win 98se rocks who cares how good xp is im 2 poor to buy it .
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