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  1. I finally got around to trying this on my laser printer, I don't switch it on often. I wanted it in a table format and the idea from jumper did the job fairly well. 50 sets of numbers across is what I settled for, although very small, it did work okay. Unfortunately it wouldn't stretch it across the page to make it larger, probably because it would of made the characters malformed. Thank you jumper for a successful solution and thank you everyone else for your ideas.
  2. I would like some recommendations on software which will accomplish the following: 1] I need a table of 4 digit numbers with dividing lines between each set of 4 digits. 2] The table must be as compact as possible, using a condensed font which I want to print out on A4 paper. 3] Locating the numbers is important, so they shouldn't all be just stuck on the page. There must be a regular amount per line of 10 sets or 20 sets of 4 digits, preferably 20 in a neat table. 4] The numbers must be automatically filled in, I don't want to enter them all myself. The count is from 0 to 9999. This is essential! I thought that a spreadsheet might be able to do it, although I don't know about auto filling the numbers, I certainly don't want to have to manually fill in 10000 numbers. I did try a spreadsheet but couldn't work out how to fill in the numbers automatically. Freeware would be preferable if possible.
  3. It's pretty amusing to see how xp is now more than 20 years old even if it was created only 10 years ago. It's a Sunday night here and as a result, my maths skills are sadly lacking. It just seems like 20 years. Now here is the real kicker........I did look at a Windows XP wiki page prior to posting
  4. RedDwarf

    XPero's utilities

    Thank you for the new links.
  5. No I really didn't know lmao Problem solved. All of them. I have been using Win XP for close to 20 years and the hide inactive items is one of the first things that gets disabled, so it's not something that I am familiar with. I think that it might be disabled in my customized XP image so I never see it. I probably have seen it in the distance past but can't say that I remember it.
  6. Thanks for the link, that program does do what I wanted. However, do you know what that button is? It's still a mystery which I would like solved. I have seen it in Blue and Green on different taskbar pictures. It does look like the one on Windows 7 and that works very well. I have the show desktop band with Aero Peak system feature.
  7. I am trying to get something like the Windows 7 desktop button so I can easily run programs from icons on my desktop. I know about the desktop toolbar on XP but it shows the word Desktop next to two small right pointing arrows and I would prefer this replaced with just a button so it takes up less space. I know the title can be hidden but doing that brings several icons onto the task bar which takes up a similar amount of space. I saw on several websites a similar thing as illustrated in the image below, which I have circled in green, next to the notification area. I don't know what it is meant to do, but it looks like what I wanted. That button doesn't show on my Windows XP taskbar so I cannot test it. Wikipedia shows the same thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taskbar#Screenshots Therefore, can any tell me what it is, what it does and how to make it show on my taskbar?
  8. I have just started to attempt to use vlite and this has happened to me 3 times in a row. 4GB of memory using Win XP Pro SP2 I copied the vista files to a folder on one of my drives and it happened as soon as I selected the image to configure. I was running Firefox with a lot of tabs open so after the reboot I tried again with vlite alone and it happened once again. The drive has some problems so I copied the Vista files to a brand new drive and tried again, with the same problem. I have check disked my system partition and the new drive which now stores the Vista files. So it's not the memory, it's not the drive and I don't experience it with any other program, only vlite. My Anti Virus is disabled and was for every attempt and so was my firewall, all but the basic net connection. I have also removed my network cable and turned off my firewall to be sure. Same result. It does seem to only be experienced by people using Win XP STOP: 0x00000024 (0x001902fe, 0xbd9db3e0, 0xdb9db0dc, 0xf5964736 ) NTFS.SYS address f5964736 base at f5964000 date stamp 480db32e
  9. I am having big problems downloading from eSnips and GigaSize so I am unable to download quite a few of the addons that I would of liked. Neither will download the full files. If eSnip requires registration then it won't even let me complete the registration as it won't send me a confirmation email. I am a member of Gigasize but that still won't complete a full download, I just get a 345 Byte file instead of MV2Player. Looks like potentially some very good addons but not much use unless they can be downloaded. It might just be the addons I wanted that have problems as I have managed to download other files from eSnips. The problem file was Net Meter 1.1.3
  10. I am trying to install XP Pro and I have not been able to get a working install CD made. During setup, it got to 93% of files copied and then froze for 20 minutes with copying x3daud11.dll showing in the bottom corner of the setup screen. Can someone tell me what that is to do with? I think it could be DirectX as I did add the DirectX runtime files to the installation hotfixes. If that is the case then it is not working and I will remove it. Can someone confirm this? I am getting a bit fe up with messing around with this, I have done countless CD's and all have failed to install. I have removed a lot of the hotfixes that I think were causing problems and now it gets stuck there. I did reset the system hoping it would continue but it went back into the setup and then complained about a missing 3114.sys, it could of been but it was definately part of the driver for my SATA controller. Those drivers were intergrated as Text mode drivers so that should not of happened. So will someone please tell me what x3aud11.dll is and what it is part of?
  11. That's probably what I did, selected unattended setup, just like me to select everything so I don't miss anything. lol Thanks for solving it
  12. Okay thanks for the suggestion. Why did nlite put this file into my Iso? Something must make nlite put it in. I did select GUIattended. Is there another option that would not of done it?
  13. I do have that file on the CD but I do not make unattended CD's as I always like to change where they install to. So it is definately not an unattended CD. I have just looked at the winnt.sif file and it says: UnattendedInstall = "Yes" Yet this is most definately NOT an unattended install CD. I am absolutely certain that I selected to make it gui attended or something like that (I cannot remember the exact options in the drop down list), but it was an attended installation that I wanted so I did select the most appropriate option to do that. I do not have nlite installed at the moment so I cannot check it. What options are in that attended/unattended installation option drop down box? Do I manually have to edit the winnt.sif file before I make the ISO so that it says UnattendedInstall = "No" ? Surely it should not be necessary to do that?
  14. Hi everyone, I am having big problems with Windows, my Ethernet and internet keeps dying on me (limited or no connectivity with my Ethernet) so I must keep this short before it dies again. I want to attempt a repair of Windows XP. My original CD does have the option to do a repair of windows, it shows the installed windows and allows to select one for repair. But this is missing on my Windows XP nlited CD. I do not remember ever seeing this available after doing a nlite CD. Can anyone tell me why this is and what I need to do to allow me to do a repair? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  15. I have never had these problems with nLite before, drivers got integrated and worked the way they should. But not on that old windows installation they didn't. I have never copied drivers to the nLite XP folder, they were in a driver folder on my hard disk with other stuff in it, but nLite was copying everything in that folder to the XP CD folder, that was until I made a separate folder and only copied the drivers that I wanted to integrate (even though they never got integrated). that was the only way to stop nLite from copying everything. I have never touched that folder. It was not a shortcut it was a folder, even a checkdisk did not sort that out, it still went back on itself (clicking on it went no where and did not open the folder, it just went back to the same folder) until I deleted it. But it was definitely a folder.
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