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  1. Hello! It's seems that there is an error with the path, you need to choose the correct path for your Windows 7 x86, inside the first window's 7Customizer: I see inside your Dism.log (7C log.txt): DISM.EXE: Executing command line: "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\Servicing\Dism.exe" /unmount-wim /mountdir:"work\mount" /commit With correct path for x86: C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\Servicing\Dism.exe And you need to use 7Customizer as Administrator. Visual English guide Thank u myselfidem, As you mentioned my Dism path is incorrect, I have corrected and works properly.
  2. While integrating updates using 7Customizer_0.4.4, I am geting an error as shown in the fig. Pl. help me to rectify the error.
  3. Pl. help me How to change the Manufacturer details and OEM information in the set up DVD
  4. Thank you brother, in which folder and where it has been saved.
  5. I have created a Unattended .XML using Vista Unattended XML Creator. Pl. help me where to save this file.
  6. Is there any file in Vista just like winnt.sif in XP to customise the Vista Pl.
  7. It is possible, but don't how it is. In one of the site one has posted "Windows XP PRO SP3 RTM 5512 VistaVG Ultimate" in that he has used this. The site is "xxxx://softarchive.net/os/windows_xp_pro_sp_rtm_vistavg_ultimate:67989.html"
  8. I want to insert this login animation after the boot screen( as visible in windows vista) in windows XP installation Cd. Is it possible. If possible pl. give tutorial.
  9. I have some unsigned themes integrated on my last project (see my previous post); patch is working great where is the patch ?
  10. The UXTHEME.DLL patch is not working for SP3 build 5512. I tried two times but failed.
  11. Pl. help me how to modify the System Properties dialog box and how to customized the box. Thanks in advance
  12. Can any one help me how to change the default wall paper to my own wall paper during integration or unattended XP cd.
  13. I have customized one bootskin image, but I don't know how to save the image as 640x480 32 bit bitmap image. i have tried in Jasc paint shop pro, but in that there is a provision for 24bit, 16bit, 8bit etc. But no provision to save as 32bit. Pl. help me which software to be used to save the image as 32bit colors.
  14. Pl. help me how to remove the Ugly arrows in desktop icons, in windows vista ultimate edition.
  15. I didn't find the files krnlVis.exe and MPntoskr.exe in non of the systems, where it is available. And I also tried the above method using oemkenl.exe and dualkenl.exe found in some systems and the same also not working. Required help pl.
  16. Thank u Rajesh kumar, explain this topic in some more details pl.
  17. I want to change the Image in logon screen how ? Pl. give me tutorial .
  18. Pl. help me how to convert bin file to Image file

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