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  1. but with cross cable its impossible in XP x64? between XP x32 to x32 it work very good! thx in advance
  2. Hello! I want to have Internet Connection Sharing to my father PC, but i can't, i only did 1 time but soon i restart my father lose internet! Its cross cable connection! Anyone know a solution? After searching for a solution i found this @ microsoft site ''Internet Connection Sharing, Internet Connection Firewall, Discovery and Control, and Network Bridge are not available on Windows XP 64-Bit Edition.'' is this for real? Thx in advance!
  3. where did go my processes? help help help! :\\\\\ this s*** disapear after install Diskeeper Server Enterprise Edition 9.0.504, i desinstall, and the s*** its the same! can't acess to process's @ windows task manager! now i can't Disk Defragmenter! thx in advance
  4. did you read this -> http://win2k3.msfn.org/ ?
  5. Hi there! may i know whr can i download the converting exe file?? I lost the link! Converting Windows Server 2003
  6. System Restore Did you try this ?
  7. The button to install don't work! because is a licence to administrators only! Help Help
  8. how did i install this on 2k3 ? plz help ;P
  9. Windows Server 2003 SP1 1069 @ WinBeta Server ( IRC ) soz the p00b
  10. hmmmm i think is solved! the problem was that i didn't have this correcty configurate ' On the other PC, make sure TCP/IP options are set to automatically assign an IP address ' ;DD (my english suck's hard) thx aaronXP
  11. I Have 2 pc's connected by crossover, and a can't share net because of this problem! see atach PLZ HELP ME ;\
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