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  1. My advise to new people is Using Setupfromusb v0.2.3. Select FAT and Boot as HDD. Make sure your Windows XP setup CD works fine. After finishing copy source files, replacing NTDETECT.COM with "modified ntdetect.com" found in this forum.
  2. I did not make any changes at all. I tried to go thru the process again. I also selected "FAT16 and BOOT AS HDD". After copying source files to the USB and replaced with modified NTDETECT.COM, it works perfectly just like setup from CD. I tested on 2 different models HP laptops, and Dell OptiPlex 780, the installation processes went smoothly without asking to enter product key.
  3. the file winnt.sif in folder <$WIN_NT$.~BT> does not show Product key, but winnt.sif in folder <$WIN_NT$.~LS> shows valid product key. I compared this file between usb and cd, product key is exact the same.
  4. I found a link in this forum and replaced with a modified ntdetect.com. It worked and I do not have an error code 7B. However, during the GUI mode, it asks to enter Product key. I integrated ahci drivers into the XP setup source files with (fully automatic) unattended setup. I use WinSetupFrusb to copy source files from modified XP CD. Is the setup XP from USB similar from CD with fully unattended setup?
  5. The error code is STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524, 0xC00000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) Message: A problem has been detected ..... If this is the first time..... Check for virus.....
  6. I did not pay attention what was the exact error code. It is blue screen with white text. I recalled it says something like "if this is the first time etc..."
  7. I am using ver 0.2.3. I went thru instructions and created a bootable usb for me. However, It is crashed (tried many times) right after the message "Setup is starting Windows". Do I missed any steps or do I need to modify some file after preparing and copying sourc files to USB drive? Please advise. Thanks a lot.
  8. Thank you so much Grabben. oscdimg.exe -b<path to etfsboot.com> -u2 -h -m -l<ISOLabel> <path to dvd> <path to save .iso> This command works perfectly. I tried this command to create an ISO file, burn to dvd disc, it worked. I also try to use ISO feature of 7Customizer, but it gave error during the setup. I combine 7Customizer and the guide "Put Windows 7 on USB key", the setup runs faster than comparing run setup from DVD disc. I want to share this guide on this forum, but I do not know how. Bout oscdimg. Just go to start > programs > windows aik > deployments.. and paste this oscdimg.exe -b<path to etfsboot.com> -u2 -h -m -l<ISOLabel> <path to dvd> <path to save .iso> oscdimg -bE:\dvd\boot\etfsboot.com -u2 -h -m -l7cDVD E:\dvd E:\7Cdvd.iso
  9. Thanks grabben. I will try "oscdimg in Deployment tools commmand promt" when I come back to work on Monday. Does this option include in 7Customizer? Burn it again on slower speed or create the .iso file manually using oscdimg command in "Deployment Tools Command prompt".
  10. I tried 7Customizer 0.4.4 today with my Win7 Enterprise. The ISO file was created successfully and burnt to dvd disc. However, when I tried to run setup on my Dell OptiPlex 760, I got the error message saying that my CD/DVD device driver is missing. There is no such error when I run setup from the original dvd. Can someone point out what I did wrong and/or why I got this kind of error message? My PC specs: Dell OptiPlex 760 Windows 7 Enterprise loaded WAIK for win7 7customizer v0.4.4
  11. In the "Computer Name" category or line, ensure there are NO "*" at all. The special symbol <*> will prompt users to change computer name during the setup process.
  12. I updated this new AHCI driver in Windows mode via "Device Manager", it worked fine.
  13. Thanks mongo66 and jaclaz for your responses. My laptop does not come with Windows Vista Home Basic DVD disk. It stops right after passing POST screen. If I press "Enter" or "ESC" key, it keeps repeating the error. Can I use Vista Ultimate disk to repair? It does not give a chance to entering DOS prompt, how can I use bootsec.exe?
  14. Hi there, I just bought a new laptop with Vista Home Basic SP-1. I use ghost v7.5 to clone original hard drive. I then restore successfully this cloned image to a new different hard drive. However, it does not start-up to the desktop windows. It gives error something about hardware/software has been changed, and list a file c:\windows\winload.exe. Has anyone encountered similar issue? Or do you have any suggestions to fix this? All responses appreciated.
  15. Yeah, I have same problem. When I select XP-SP1 and W2000-sp4, I get same error "cdboot: couldn't find NTLDR" Any advices will be appreciated.
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