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  1. On the site you gave, it says specifically *not* to use that PowerToy with Win98. Have you had any problems using it with 98SE? Just wondering why they say not to.... ivman It's the wrong one. That page is for Windows 95 only. Sorry. Don't get me wrong. I am not for forcing good tools on chickens who are afraid of trying it. But read my lips for once: WINTOP WORKS FOR ME ON WINDOWS 98SE. Sorry, I don't care that the page says win95 only.
  2. Yes it's better to leave the editor choice to the user. Count me for NONE.
  3. WinTop is too cumbersome? Do you consider 17,408 *bytes* cumbersome? Win98 deserves what NT and descendants had forever - a decent Task Monitor, which WinTop is. What is the point of including Tz editor from win98 Resource Kit, if it is available to anyone who has the cd? It does not improve/fix the cd.
  4. Yes, they say that *not* all W95 KernelToys work on W98. WinTop *does*.
  5. It's great that SP provides two great PowerToys: CommandPromptHere and TweakUI. There is one more great tool from the past that I would love to see in SP (optional). It is WinTop (aka Windows Process Watcher, aka top for windows). It is a part of this package: http://www.microsoft.com/windows95/downloa...Toy/Default.asp I check that it works and it is a perfect tool to actually see what is actually running.
  6. I see how I got confused about the version of HH. Gape played with timestamps here as well. Could Gape please fix dates here and on recent files (e.g. opengl32.dll? It does confuse installer after all.
  7. Html help subsystem in SP 2.1 (as well as 2.0.2) predates the official KB896358 released on June 14, 2005. One can argue about version string. I'd suggest going with KB896358 because to me it looks more recent. 5.2.3790.309 (srv03_gdr.050413-1540) in KB896358 5.2.3790.1830 (srv03_sp1_rtm.050324-1447) in SP 1550 > 1447 yet 309 < 1830 This, by the way, causes the "keep the newer" warnings too for people who picked the official update. I'll forward KB896358 to Gape in a sec
  8. About timestamps - Yes, I am sure they are lost. SP 2.1 provides 11/14/05 04:54pm 4.00 721,680 Opengl32.dll Quoting from q240896: The English version of this fix should have the following file attributes or later: Date Time Version Size File name Platform ------------------------------------------------------------------- 01/07/00 03:13pm 4.00 721,680 Opengl32.dll Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE
  9. I don't like that the timestamps on the recently added files opengl32.dll, jpegim32.flt, nscirda.sys, mswrd632.wpc was not preserved. I believe that you were very careful about this previously. Would you please fix it in the next version? Thanks!
  10. SP2 has nothing to do with Revolutions. You're barking at the wrong tree. Gape, thanks! Good stuff! Thanks for the C++ run-time! I am sure that the final is near indeed.
  11. First, I thought that you wanted to have the most recent versions in the pack. You included old files. VC6SP6 provides the most recent (obviously by date) compatible files (all 4 of them). I see that you don't want them. Second, the four files in the pack come from three deferent sources. This is a mess by definition. You don't treat the run-time a set of four files. This is what I think is wrong. You may disagree.
  12. That's right. You can always announce that the pack contains some runt-time parts of VC6SP6 with some of WIN2000SP4. That will sound very credible. Seriously. MSVCRT.DLL, MSVCIRT.DLL, MFC42.DLL, and MSVCP60.DLL are better in sync, but whatever. MSVCP60.DLL is missing altogether, so I guess SP2RC2 does not really provide the run-time. Lastly, where does your old MSVCIRT.DLL 6.10.8637.0 2000-06-08 come from? It's is a mess... oh well, I had to fix my installation by hand from DOS, because 6.10.xxxx is hard to get rid of because of the freaky version number.
  13. I wonder if it's worth including updated Times, Arial, Courier, etc fonts. I wonder which of these offerings is a better candidate to pick up this slack. Backporting from XP is probably an overkill, because they went OTF rather than pure TTF. The so-called Web Core Fonts are, however, out there, despite MS withdrew them from the web-site a wile back. It is even legal to redistribute with the license file. http://www.zeuscat.com/andrew/software/corefonts/ , for example.
  14. MSVCRT.DLL 6.10.9844.0 2003-06-19 from Win2000SP4 or MSVCRT.DLL 6.00.9782.0 2004-02-17 from VC6SP6 I prefer the last one. It is in sync with the rest of the bunch. My vcredist.exe is extracted from the full sevice pack. So it is bottled by MS. It works fine unless the weird 6.10.xxxx is on the way. I really don't know why they messed up the versioning in this case, I just don't like 6.10.xxxx.
  15. I hate obscure versions of msvcrt like 6.10.xxxx which came from IE6, which you didn't want to support. Include real msvcrt 6.0SP6, please. Include all of it, please, not just 3 out of 10 or so files. Do you want vcredist.exe?
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