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  1. MDGx - Thanks (yet again!) for the help! Tihiy - I appreciate your willingness to help! Now, I downloaded the software and see what you mean about breaking the whole package into 3 separate install files (good idea!). That said, do I require a valid copy of ME in order to install the Shell Update package? I want to remain as legal as possible with my 98SE install, while still doing cool stuff to it of course -Scott.
  2. Hi MDGx! And thanks for such an informative reply! I completely understand 982ME now (thanks again). As for the rest of them, I know you gave me links to the other forums, but since you seem to be a one stop font of knowledge I was wondering if you know this off the top of your head ... I've noticed that Revolutions does utilize some files from ME, correct? I assume this would imply that the user requires a valid copy of ME ... ? I checked the Revolutions forum and found this: This confuses me. You don't need ME, but it uses ME files??? Are the files listed the ones from ME, and if so, are they optional? Whoa whoa whoa!!! I've never even heard of half of those patches/programs! Do you have links to the ones that apply to 98SE (excluding 98SE SP, Revolutions of course) and that don't require a valid copy of another OS? Thanks again for all your help. For what it's worth, I own a technology consulting firm, and I'm trying to utilize all the tools you guys make as much as possible when I build systems for my clients. Your work is oustanding and deserves to be given some push! -Scott.
  3. Hello again! Thanks for that, azagahl ... You don't have to convince me about the downsides of XP - I agree 110% and then some! I guess that's just my point though - if 98SE could have the responsiveness that it does (thanks to USP) but the option of being more skinnable, it will really have some punch. I have no doubt that USP2RC2 will bring all sorts of new and exciting features, but from what I've seen, 982ME and Revolutions doesn't seem as stable as the USP - is this correct (no offense intended to the developers of these packs)? Also, are they both freeware? Aside from what I've read about them on this forum, I know nothing about them. Thanks again! -Scott.
  4. Hi, This is my first time posting, so I want to make sure I say this first and say it good: This service pack project is THE BEST thing to happen to ANY M$ product EVER. I've been using it for client PC builds and it has helped build my company. Thanks to this pack, I can actually rollout "reliable" M$ systems. Now that I've said that, I have noticed one thing that makes my users hesitant to stick with 98SE+SP vs. the XP beast. It simply boils down to aesthetics - "XP is prettier" is the common thread. My thinking is that since this is a +1 upgrade, it would be cool if one of the major features was an enhanced interface. In the world of funky shells, many programs are doing this - XP with its huge buttons, WindowBlinds (at a cost of course) to 98, and of course KDE with Linux. I like the idea of the animated "98SE" splash screen at boot, but I would really like to see the entire shell improved. btw - The theme of Windows2000 is a great start. Keep up the unbelievable work! -Scott.
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