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  1. Login screen when using a domain

    Go to User Accounts under Control panel. Under your account check normal logon screen:D
  2. Win XP Logon Screen

    By the way if you read the Microsoft Help & Support (bundled with XP Pro) it states that you cannot Network XP pro to XP Pro!!!!!! What is that about then - are you expected to get server to run a simple home network? Views please?:mad:
  3. Win XP Logon Screen

    Still no joy with the network. I am using a PCMIA NIC in laptop, normal NIC in desktop and hub. I have sorted out the logon screen which can be readjusted in User Accounts. :wail:
  4. Bonus packs

    wicked post of a great site. I also love the News Agent thingy well cool:erm:
  5. I will definitely be buying a copy because I think this is Microsoft's best OS yet
  6. Way cool - I have even overclocked my Geforce Card using these drivers with no probs - so far
  7. Win XP Logon Screen

    Having tried unsuccessfully to network my laptop and desktop (both running XP) by using the network wizard I am left with (what I believe) is the netware logon screen - black screen with a small logon box (similar to win nt) but without the wallpaper/logo. How do you return to the standard logon screen? Has anyone else expierienced this?:wail:
  8. WinXP & VIA KT266 Chipset

    Here is my System Spec Processor(s): AMD Athlon processor @ 1.40GHz System BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 6.00 PG Mainboard: VT8366-8233 System Chipset: VIA Technologies Inc VT8366 Apollo KT266 CPU to PCI Bridge Installed Memory: 512MB Windows System: Microsoft Windows 2002 XP Professional 5.01.2600 Processor: AMD Athlon processor @ 1.40GHz Co-Processor (FPU):Built-in Performance Rating:PR1862 (estimated) Multiplier: 10.5x Generation: 7th (7x86) Model Information: Athlon M4 (Thunderbird) 650-1.5G 1.7-1.8V Revision/Stepping: 4 / 4 (0) Stepping Mask: A9 Hope this is enough info to solve the problem. (BTW thanks for the CPU drivers tip)
  9. WinXP & VIA KT266 Chipset

    Recently upgraded to Shuttle AK31 Mobo and Athlon 1.4Ghz 266 Processor. Successfully loaded XP however XP reports unknown device which I suspect is the VIA IDE Drivers. I have installed every flavour of VIA 4-in-1 release drivers (including the latest 4.34) with no success. I have upgraded the BIOS and I have used Shuttle's Busmaster drivers to no avail. Anyone managed to solve this enigma. By the way any tips on overclocking what is supposed to be an eminently clockable chip would be appreciated. Every time I take the FSB to 266 - BSOD. Everytime I take the procesor speed over 1.4Ghz - BSOD. This is driving me crazy - HELP!!!!!!![/size:22bbf02216] :mad: