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  1. Winnt.sif Will Make Me Mad

    Make auto partition = 0 meh, check mine out.... [Data] Autopartition = 0 MsDosInitiated = 0 UnattendedInstall = Yes [Unattended] UnattendMode = FullUnattended UnattendSwitch = Yes OemPreinstall = Yes OemSkipEula = Yes FileSystem = * WaitForReboot = No NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1 TargetPath = Windows DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore Hibernation = No [Display] Xresolution = 800 Yresolution = 600 BitsPerPel = 32 Vrefresh = 85 [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword = * TimeZone = 255 OEMSkipRegional = 1 OemSkipWelcome = 1 [Components] [UserData] ProductKey = "ha" ComputerName = PHOENIX FullName = "nottelling" OrgName = "N/A" [RegionalSettings] Language = 0c09 [Networking] [Identification] JoinWorkgroup = MSHOME [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\start.cmd
  2. New .cpl Extensions!

    Alcohol 120% B2722
  3. Alcohol 120% Build 2722

    Yes, where is says driver0=a347bus for alcohol, you can make it say any number, make it something like drver0=a348bus and same for scsi... That should work.
  4. HOTFIXES: Windows XP SP2 & Windows 2000 SP4

    Can you put up one for MCE 2005? It's xp sp2 but with about 4 more hotfixes, so maybew just list the 4 hotfixeS?
  5. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    The only way i can see that I can put stuff like that in is through the config.txt with a .bat file, but completely defeats the purpose of a 7zip installer, cos the extraction would have to go to the same place everytime so i can use the .bat file, I just want it to extract to a temp dir and make a .bat install then copy over crack, then delete temp. That way only 1 file is needed. Can someone tell me what to do?
  6. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    I've gotten this going so well, but say I want to taskkill a program after installing... Where would I put the takkill explorer.exe or etc..?
  7. Alcohol 120% Build 2722

    does that stop the annoying add new hardware thing coming up?
  8. Alcohol 120% Build 2722

    How do you silently install Alchol 120% build 2722? It'll probably be the same as build 1705 but i'd like to refresh it all, and see if any new ideas have come up. So go ahead, how do you install it without the new hardware problem.
  9. Alcohol 120%

    there is no alcohol 120% Auto it script on that page.... Can you please re-link?
  10. Microsoft's AntiSpyware (Beta) Install

    Thanks mate, that worked a treat... HERE is the latest way to install Microsoft AntiSpyware "%systemdrive%\Install\Applications\MSAnti\Microsoft AntiSpyware.msi" /QN "%ProgramFiles%/Microsoft AntiSpyware/gcasDtServ.exe" /regserver That goes into your cmd or WPI - You know what to do to change it to your type of installing method. Download the latest Spyware remover from microsoft. Open the installer but do not click next etc. Go to run and type in: "%userprofile%/Local Settings\Temp" Copy the folder _is25C or something that looks similar(inside it will have the msi for microsoft antispyware). That goes into your $1/Install/Applications folder. Rename if you wish to MSinstall or similar. This fixes the 101 error and works fine.
  11. SP2 Hotfix Switchs

    You said you can extract the thing for an msi... How would one do that?
  12. Microsoft's AntiSpyware (Beta) Install

    All right thanks. I can see sort of how to do it with winrar.. But i'm not sure which files in your lot are needed for the install? Maybe you can tell me how to extract the original ms install? EDIT: Ok, it seems I can get it to install fine, just need to know how to extract the newer versions from $MS, that way I can install the newest one when they come out... BTW, thanks heaps for all your help!
  13. iTunes 4.7 switches

    ok, i hate vb script... Is it possible to do it without it?
  14. It's on the unattended.msfn.org site.. Read it all..
  15. Microsoft's AntiSpyware (Beta) Install

    @Mekrel - Your Antispyware installer extracts them to your temp and your tem only... Merkers.bedcomp... Is it possible to make it go to any place? Or can I just run your install.cmd and your msi and delete em myself? Coz i prefer sticking em to the hard drive 1st then deleting em. Works the same as to temp anyways. Please tell me what to do coz I don't know what to do with all the .ini files!