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  1. I am trying to create a few plugins for various apps. I have seen plugin builder and a few others, which are great, but was wondering if there is any documentation/faqs on writing plugins?
  2. Your talking about Norton Ghost 9. This is a consumer product (there is no Symantec Ghost 9 - at least yet). Are you using the recovery CD that comes with the product? Or is it a burnt copy? Albator, I use partition magic 8.05 with no issues. This update was actually written by the powerquest team. Not sure what how you statement can be considered proof. RO
  3. Symantec Ghost 8 is a corporate edition product and has no PE recovery. Ghost32.exe may work under PE (havent tested it). Norton Ghost 9, which has a recovery environment based on windows PE, is a consumer product (which is a rebadged powerquest product). FYI: All Norton products are consumer.
  4. I would like to be able to hide and unhide partitions whilst in windows without rebooting the system. Is this at all possible?
  5. I got this working. The process is amazingly simple. Copy CD:\i386 directory to partition:\minint Copy CD:\i386\setupldr.bin partition:\ntldr Copy CD:\i386\ntdetect.com partition:\ntdetect.com I then use a boot loader to choose between the system partition and the PE partition. You could just as easily modify boot.ini to give a boot option to the PE partition if you prefer not to use a boot loader. Thanks for your help!
  6. I have a system recovery product which is currently loaded on an XP PE based CD (I have installed that to a hard drive partition for laoding which works perfectly). The problem is certain limitations in PE mean I cannot recover some of my servers using the XP PE build. I am trying to build my own 2003 PE based hard drive build. I have tried moving across the winbom.ini and startnet.cmd files, amongst other things, but the 2003 PE build does not boot into the recovery application. Was wondering if somebody could please forward me some information or point me in the right direction. Thanks heaps!
  7. Hey all, (Sorry topic title was poorly written) I currently have a working WinPE image on CD, but I need to run it from a secondary partition on a systems that does not have a CD Rom drive. I have tried various things from simply copying the CD contents, to doing an image from CD and restoring it to the partition. I mark the partition active, but when I try to boot it, I get the "missing operating system" error message. I have read the form posting on here about creating disk based PE image, and I tried some of that (didn't solve issue), but I am not trying to create an image, simply to move it from CD to disk and make it bootable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thx

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