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  1. lmfao - Ummm, OK. So, a person without Tablet PC who is not going to use either the native Windows Snippet tool nor Voice Recognition software should still leave Tablet PC Service running?

    I suggest that you begin to understand a *very* simple and basic concept regarding computers:

    No two computers are exactly alike, because you have all sorts of different hardware, all sorts of differnet software, and all sorts of differnet *users* and *uses* for computers.

    If someone has Vista but does not like Aero (why I wouldn't know) shouldn't have to keep running services that relate specifically to Aero only. If someone is not getting on the Internet with the machine, then why bother having IPSEC related, IPv6 related, Remote Login / Desktop, and any one of several other services running? If someone is going to use their computer for gaming, and LAN parties, then why bother with services that don't directly affect such hobbies?

    You should possibly understand that most knowledgeable computer users strive to get the best performance out of their machines - and that Micro$oft, in its infinite wisdom, still cannot predict *every* use, scenario, end-user, or profile that can possibly exist - so they create a nice balanced (uh, yeah....) set of services that are enabled by default so n00bs can get stuff up and running in not time.

    Remember Windows XP / XP SP1? The Windows Messenger service was *on* by design from Microsoft - but that turned out to be a very nasty way for the end-user to get a system (at least) troubled by Net Send alerts and (at worst) get their PC's security compromised. Now, remember SP2? Microsoft turned off (disabled) by design *that very same service*.

    So, for you to go trolling around saying that services should be left alone shows, in fact, how little you really understand regarding computers, their users, and their uses.


  2. wmaccess.inf - this file should be in your %WINDIR%\inf\ folder.

    The file is corrupted like Wasim said or simply not there.

    To resolve your problem...

    1) Take your SP2 RC1 and extract the files

    XPSP2.EXE –x:C:\SP2RC1

    2) Locate wmaccess.in_ and decompress

    EXPAND -r wmaccess.in_

    3) Put it back to the inf folder

    This problem should be solved

    I copied the wmaccess.inf from windows\service pack files\I386. Then I got the same message, but for wmpcoem.inf. Did the same for that file.

    Now, when I go to add\rem windows components, I don't get the component tree. It goes directly to "setup is inspecting your configuration and installing the components you selected".

    And I still can't access the list. :)

  3. When I try to open the windows components tab in add\remove, I get the following error message:

    Setup was unable to open information file wmaccess.inf. Contact your system headministrator. The specific error code is 0xe0000003 at line 0.

    Same thing happens when I try the setup CD. I'm running SP2 RC1.

  4. Do a KB or Google search for the error number. My guess? Switching progfiles to D:\ is the culprit. Default for windows update is C:\Program Files\Windows Update.

    Maybe put that directory back whence it came?

  5. Right-click a blank spot on the taskbar and select properties. Then: Start menu tab \ customize button \ advanced tab.

    That should provide you all the above options. Also, search Microsoft.com for XP power toys and download TweakUI.

  6. http://www.allsci.com/parallel.html

    ...and Case-Western physicist style: Keeping Your Keg Cool Sans Ice

    from the technology-you-can-use dept.


    "Case Western Reserve University is reporting

    that first year physics graduate student Adam Hunnell has come up with the idea for a [3]Keg Wrap, a thermoelectric sheet that will be able to maintain a full keg at 32-35F by running off of wall current or even a car's cigarette lighter. The funding for this project is coming from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, which has provided Mr. Hunnell with a $20,000 grant. Serious stuff - I'd rather see this than another few million dumped into quantum computing."



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