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  1. Just tested. Keep box can't protect these two files. The LANG dir is removed if I remove all language...
  2. So may I file a feature request of removing IMEs? :-) I think I only need two files in the LANG dir, SIMSUN.tt_ and SIMHEI.tt_. How can I get rid of other files? It's around 8MB on the CD, is large enough to be a useful feature, compared to those 20-30KB components supported by nLite :-) BTW, I'm using an English version of XP. So I believe this feature can benifit all users, not just estern Asian users.
  3. Files like: WINAR30.IM_ WINGB.CH_ WINGB.IM_ WINIME.CH_ WINIME.IM_ WINPY.CH_ WINPY.IM_ WINPY.MB_ WINSP.CH_ WINSP.IM_ WINSP.MB_ WINZM.CH_ WINZM.IM_ WINZM.MB_ Because I selected to remove all keyboards, I suppose only font files should be left in the LANG dir. However such files are still there. I attached my session settings so that you can check it. Thanks! Last_Session.ini
  4. I selected to remove all keyboards, but kept Chinese language (not keyboard). But many IME files are not removed. Not only Chinese IMEs, Japanese IMEs are not removed yet. Are they intentionally left for some reason or it is a bug? Thanks!
  5. I tested more than 10 times on Virtual PC. The QTLite is OK, MPC can play .mov files, IE can play embeded .mov files. However, both WMLite and RealLite have problem. MPC can play .wmv and .rm files, but IE can't play embeded .wmv, .mpg and .rm files. The RealAlt 1.4 will make IE happy, however. I'm investicating the difference. But I did not find anything important so far. Any one can provide information? Thanks a lot! I removed both WMP9 and WMP6.4, and do not keep WMP compatibility.
  6. My I386 is about 200-250MB. But I integrated many other stuffs. Some large ones are: Office XP, Borland C++ Builder 4, Acrobat Reader, photoshop 6, Symantic Anti Virus, MiKTeX, LyX, several boot floppy images. And I have more than 10 small softwares on it, like Irfan. So my ISO is about 500MB. I'm planning to integrate BartPE to the ISO, it will add 150MB to the disc. I want to add a game which is 100MB. It exceeds 700MB, so I need to shrink it more. I'm testing PDF Reader which is much much smaller than Acrobat reader. I may need to decompress some files in I386 in order to make the final ISO fit to a 700MB CD

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