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  1. Hi, I have been using ris with ripref very succesfully since march/april, as it stands at the moment my company has rolled out over 200 machines with all of two images As for the error "The BINL service cannot locate a flat image with a version that matches the version of the RIPREP image." . I have had this when you have created a ripimage from a full xp installation source that doesnt exist on your ris share as riprep requires a normal installation from ris to be carried out before you can riprep. Great script, I will give it a go next time i need to update our driver pack images as its a pain in the butt to do it manually. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have created a fully automated boot image but am having problems trying to get it to fit into the 700mb limit on a normal cd. I have chosen option 2 as the build to the driver packs are compressed on the image and to get it to fit on ive had to delete the wireless, as this is going to be rarely used, but I would like to have this also on the image. Any ideas for reducing the size of the image?
  3. Modem Driver Pack?

    indeedy, its where do you stop aint it. The reason i mentioned a modem pack is because next to the packs you have atm, its the next most common(for corporates), as we have a lot of laptops, and not every hotel has ethernet for broadband. Chipsets do come first though, there isnt too many of them
  4. Modem Driver Pack?

    Hi Bash, Do you happen to have any plans for a modem driver pack?
  5. Site Rebuild + Paypal! (+ Exams....)

  6. Site Rebuild + Paypal! (+ Exams....)

    bugger, my offer still stands though, if you need a backup site, just let me know, means I would get faster downloads
  7. Realtek Ac'97 Driver Bsod

    Hi Bashrat, Its Realtek ac'97 Audio, on a Sony Vio(model no VGN-B1XP). The pcid for the sound card is System Information report written at: 03/17/05 07:54:24 [sound Device] Item Value Name Multimedia Audio Controller Manufacturer Realtek Status Error PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24C5&SUBSYS_81C5104D&REV_03\3&61AAA01&0&FD I/O Port 0x00001C00-0x00001CFF I/O Port 0x000018C0-0x000018FF Memory Address 0xE0100C00-0xE0100DFF Memory Address 0xE0100800-0xE01008FF IRQ Channel IRQ 9 You can grab the driver files from http://www.rbreen.plus.com/ Hope this helps mate.
  8. Realtek Ac'97 Driver Bsod

    Hi Guys, I have used an older version of the sound driver pack(5.022) and during the detect phase for the sound card on two laptops(different manufacturers, one hp and the other sony). I am prompted with the new hardware wizard, upon pressing return, it finds a suitable driver(strange as you would think that it would automatically install the driver without user input) and then blue screens. if i obtain the driver from realtek and install then all is fine, is this a known issue and if so, has been it fixed in the later versions?
  9. Site Rebuild + Paypal! (+ Exams....)

    good luck with your exams mate, and drop me a message with your paypal info and I will get some money your way. I was going to download your latest driver packs but the site appears to be down, with a bandwidth exceeded limit. I have a couple of servers, one in the usa and one in the uk, which i can use as a backup for these driver packs if you would like, could even possibly host your main site. Let me know what your bandwidth/storage requirements are.
  10. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    Hi Bâshrat the Sneaky, you got your paypal account set up yet? after the time and effort you have put into all the packs i am sure i can convince my company to make a reasonable payment to you
  11. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    yea, it requires ad and has some other requirements, reason I didnt go the linux route is because its very easy to setup, it just has some quirks
  12. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    great stuff, unfortunately most of the machines i am deploying onto are significantly slower, so the installation phase is longer(method one) than copying files across the network(method two). Regarding time, i can have a old p677mhz compaq en sff with 256mb ram, at a login prompt after 20 minutes, compared to around double that for an automated cd install. As for wifi pxe card, nothing springs to mind, but it wouldnt surprise if me if most machines with built in ones can do it. on second thoughts, you could always get a ethernet to wifi bridge, this should do the trick, as this would also solve the possible issues with drivers during the text/gui setup stages.
  13. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    fortunately or unfortunately depending on what way you look at it, we have sms 2003 for deploying our applications, which makes things interesting
  14. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    yea, i do agree the hal restriction is a pain, but with the modification of a few files, you can have another riprep image in a few minutes, same goes with the restriction on the disk size, you can edit the imirror.dat and change some of the values and you can install onto any size harddisk, no matter what size harddisk the original riprep image machine had.
  15. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    yea, but a riprep image is significantly faster than method 1 at least imo, and from my testing