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  1. Well i used Partition Magic instead of fdisk to partition my harddrive this time. I ran Super_pi and after an hour and 30 minutes the program was completed on the 32 mb test. I set up the CPU test to run so we will see what happens but it is running fine now. I loaded up the same game and it works. I think my problem may have been installing my SiS drivers then updating the sis drivers before installing the C_Media drivers/applications. I waited to update untill I had installed the C_media drivers/applications. The correct order appears to makes a difference.
  2. So is this to be used with/instead of/a long side with the Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack?
  3. Here is a picture of Bill Gates I found when I was looking for a file a few weeks ago. http://www.omahasun.com/download/
  4. Monopoly? Bill wouldn't do that. Click here if image is removed. http://img183.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img183&ima...ysoft0002rr.jpg
  5. Thanks for the reply. I was just looking at the bottom of my new hard drive box and noticed it has a disk at the bottom. I never ran the disk after install since my computer recognized the the new hard drive. Could this be a problem? I looked at the first program recommended. . . it requires an internet connection which my computer does not have (nor do I want). I have downloaded the Pi program and will load it up. I'll have to look up sisoft sandra and Memtest86. I have a memory test on the Ultimate Boot CD but I don't remember what it was. I think it took a few days to run so I skipped that one. Right now we have thunderstorms so I doubt I will be running my computer straight through for a few days. I loaded each game straight from the factory installation disk. My game computer has the following: Processor: AMD Anthlon XP 1600+ 1.6 GHz Math Support: On Chip BIOS: Award Software 04/30/03 Ports: 1 parallel, 1 Serial Memory: 256 MB Floppy: 1.44MB Hard Disk: 37.27 GB; 78 GB (New Disk) Multimedia: Sound, CDRom, CDRom Burner Video: 800x600 in 64 colors, Nvidia Geforce4 MX 420 ver. 4.0 BTW what is the safest way to clean the dust and keep the dust out of the computer?
  6. Thanks for the reply. Lets see: I have the DirectX 90c. Yes, my machine is a little dusty. I installed Win 98 SE Unofficial SP 2.0RC1. I installed the latest Asus drivers. I ran a tech check via Noton 2005 and the video all checks out fine. I had the latest nvidia drivers but I had heard the were too much for the older cards so I switched back to my version from July of last year. ****I did install a new hard drive.**** What do i do about the new hardware?
  7. A fatal exception 00 has occured at 0028:C023DB7F VXD in VDD(09) + 00001803. I did my reinstall and loaded up Serious Sam and palyed for about a day and recieved this message . . . .of course the game wouldn't play. I reinstalled Windows again and loaded half-life and started the game and received this message again. I never had this message before. . . what is it?
  8. Simple/Easy Download Manager. I was complaining about having myinternet disconnecting on larger files. Wackget is a knockoff of a Linux program Wget. Wget works great. I had to turn my computer off because of a storm; the computer disconnected itsself; and I disconnected once to get a better signal. Wget brought the file in complete. http://millweed.com/projects/wackget/
  9. Thanks for the links. I have saved both and have them tucked in a separate folder.
  10. Well I pulled everything off again and started from scratch. This time I did a chubby install with 98lite and pretty much followed soldiers recommendations except for adding MSOffice and adding the critical updates. I may add the critical updates but right now my computer sails right along so I think I may just stick with what I have or do the few update for IE up to 2.6. SO if I pull everything off again I think I will do the micro and see what happens . . . . not for a long time though. Oh, thanks for all the help!
  11. This is the patch that I downloaded from your site and it gave me the error. That is why I downloaded the others from microsoft. I was working my way backwards from oldest to newest when I came up with that message.
  12. Okay it turns out I didn't find the problem. I looked in the c:\windows\dahotfix.log and it says "error MSMXL 2.6 is not installed on the machine." Is this missing from the Win 98SE CD? Or did it forget to load it?
  13. This apears to be the problem . . . your links are not current. Security Update, February 13, 2002 U.S. English Posted: February 21, 2002 http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downlo...44/download.asp Download MSXML 4.0 Download FileSecurity Update 4.46 MB file 22 min @ 28.8 Kbps http://download.microsoft.com/download/xml...S/msxml4qfe.exe MSXML 3.0 Download FileSecurity Update 544 KB file 3 min @ 28.8 Kbps http://download.microsoft.com/download/xml...MSXML30_x86.exe MSXML 2.6 Download FileSecurity Update 381 KB file 2 min @ 28.8 Kbps http://download.microsoft.com/download/xml...MSXML20_x86.exe Click the Security Update link for your version of MSXML to download.
  14. Error occured MSXML Patch 2.6. 1. So far i have Windows 98SE installed. 2. All my dirvers installed and updated except for my printer and USB. 3. Installed IE SP1 4. Windows Installer 5. patches up to MSXML Patch 2.6. I have not yet installed the UWSP1 as of yet. Now I recieved and error message which says: "Error occured MSXML Patch 2.6. . . . either the version installed does not match the version of this hotfix or setup was unable to determine version currently installed."
  15. Since you brought up the subject which sites (freeware) are the ones to avoid and which ones are malware/spyware safe?
  16. Yeah, I mentioned it. If you read the download information you will see that only Win98/Me/2000/XP are in the file. That would explain why it is smaller. http://www.greenapple.com/support/software/browsers/ application: Internet Explorer v6.0sp1 July 2003 Update platform: Win98/Me/2000/XP file: ie60sp1july.exe size: 47.1MB (48235520) date: 07/06/03
  17. Sounds familiar. There is the IE SP 1 and then there are separate updates for the IE SP 1. It sounds like there is another update next month. I asked if the IE SP1 was necessary for the Unofficial Win 98SE Service Pack if I wasn't even on the internet and it appears (from what I understand) it does. I would say that every time the UWSP gets updaed you will have to update the IESP. . . . don't quote me but that appears to be my conclusion. I would say as soon as MS stops supporting WIN98SE you won't have to update anymore.
  18. First of all thanks for the blessing (Matt 5: 10-12; Luke 6:6:22-23) Second, thanks for clearing up this matter with the highlighted areas. Maybe you could post this as a sticky and continue to add blue to the updates as they come in since you have gone to this trouble in coming up with this table. Third, mabye you should consider posting tucows for your full installer. I have found out to be true from previous advice is that European servers are more reliable and up to date. http://tucows.iinet.com.au. Actually these guys have a variety of good windows files very handy. Internet Explorer 6 SP1 (Full Installation) http://helpdesk.uvic.ca/how-to/support/win...XPL/ie60sp1.exe http://ftp.gentoo.skynet.be/pub/ftp.micros...sp1/ie60sp1.exe http://debian.goldweb.com.au/microsoft/int...sp1/ie60sp1.exe http://public.planetmirror.com/pub/microso...sp1/ie60sp1.exe http://ftp.up.ac.za/pub/windows/microsoft/...sp1/ie60sp1.exe http://smokeping.planetmirror.com/pub/www/...sp1/ie60sp1.exe http://download.au.kde.org/pub/www/browser...sp1/ie60sp1.exe http://tucows.iinet.com.au/pub/microsoft/i...sp1/ie60sp1.exe
  19. Thanks, what Ireally need is for someone to give me the links for the IE 6 found here: [ http://www.mdgx.com/ietoy.htm ] There are supposed to be ten and I don't come up with that number. So if you decipher my ten and give me the links I would be grateful.
  20. prathapml Thanks for the reply. Actually I use Firefox on both the hardrives on my internet computer along with Thunderbird. Opera and Konqueror are my other options for Linux but I mainly use Foxfire. I very seldom go to the windows XP side only to use the printer and open a few thing that Linux cannot. That being said I am trying to follow the recommendation of @MDGx for his Unoffical Windows 98SE Service Pack/98lite on my noninternet computer that has Win98se. In fact I saw a link that was talking about building a live cd with 98 that did not use IE. I would like to build a similar cd and I would use Firefox. Tihiy Thanks for the link. . . thisis the message I received when trying your link. Directory Listing Denied This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.
  21. Well let's see if this will change my status around here. This is a direct link that I found (by the hand of God) while trying to download the big 77.5 MB file again. . . which was another flop: http://www.greenapple.com/support/software/browsers/ application: Internet Explorer v6.0sp1 July 2003 Update platform: Win98/Me/2000/XP file: ie60sp1july.exe size: 47.1MB (48235520) date: 07/06/03 I was able to download this file without the connection turning off. Now that I have contributed to the forum . . . could I please get to you give me the direct links in a reply for the 10 updates (in their install order) you said are for Win 98SE - IE 6 as I don't seem to get the same number as you? http://www.greenapple.com/support/software...ie60sp1july.exe
  22. Looks like gmail is not a good alternative. I think i found a person who will download/burn me a copy. Thanks With Gmail, you can send and receive messages up to 10 megabytes (MB) in size. However, the precise amount allowable will depend on the attachment. When you add an attachment, the size of a file may increase because transport encodings are automatically added. (Transport encodings are the information that allows your message to be safely sent and read.) This means that in some cases, attachments that are 6 to 10MB in size may push the total message size above 10MB. When this happens, Gmail displays a warning that your message exceeds the 10MB limit.
  23. Well it appears that you were insulted by my frustration and constructive criticism. That was not my intent. All these links are confusing to the novice, like you were some 13 years ago. I am trying to learn and I do appreciate your site and the service pack as I have recommeded it on Scot's Newsletter and to other people I know who use Win98SE. Thanks for your help. Okay, I don't know what that means but I presume it is another form of zip. How would I extract that? Look for my PM. Thanks for the link.
  24. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I saw that file. My connection is bad so that kind of file is very, very difficult to bring down. I will try to download it from the XP side (I mainly use Linux) using a download manager. What I am going to expand next I hope you take it correctly as constructive criticism. I have used Windsos for years, but not programming but only using the applications. When Microsoft says the servcice pack is 79 mb and your says it is 77.5 mb it thorws guys like me for a loop. Not only that your link is toward the bottom of your page so that is also confusing when you say certain patches have to be installed in a certain order. Also, you have NT, XP patches mixed into your page. I am to download those, also? I have no problem following a recipe if it is laid out in a logical sequence. I just learned how to format and partition my Windows side for the first time by following a simple step by step tutorial which I just found on the internet. I have been able to partition my Linux for years since I had it explain in a logical sequence (plus Linux is just plain easier and less picky). So what I am saying is what your page really needs, for the noncomputer whiz like me, is a list of what you need to install in numerical order (step 1, step 2, etc) with the corresponding link. soldier1st - Thanks for the reply. From what I understand about gmail is that they don't allow exe. files to be shipped over the internet as a virus control measure. I do have an account but i will try slipping this thing first.
  25. Is there a Direct link to 98SE IE SP1 download somewhere? I see that it is 12.4 MB I would rather download that then the 70+ MB on the microrsoft website. Also, I was looking on this site: http://www.mdgx.com/ietoy.htm#IOL How many of these updates fixes do I need fr IE 6? If I need all these fixes I hope someone has come up with UNofficial IE 6 SP update.

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