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  1. can u pls change my name to "Chie" thnx. Done
  2. hey i have a question guys. just now i made an unattended ISO totalling 860mb, is there a way to burn it into multiple CD-R's? so that the setup says "pls insert disc 2". thanks.
  3. can someone tell me how to repack this.. i downloaded the source and replaced with some of my own icons etc..
  4. hmm i usually install it without UIE and visualization. then shared settings this is my winamp.ini now Winamp.ini
  5. Zilexa can u release a WinampLite version of this. thnx a bunch!
  6. can someone make an addon of Acronis True Image 7.0. its available for free here http://www.acronis.com/mag/vnu-ati7 i tried making autoit but cant get it to work. i didnt know the silent switch too. thnx.
  7. cant u guys just choose the best among all those ive listed. i'm not a hardcore gamer anyways. im playing most wanted now using my mx400 and im happy. i just want some change. im no hardware geek.
  8. im not sure if u can modify that. but i just want to request all add-on makers to have a "standard" method of installing add-ons. for example do not change the default directory where the programs originally installs. now for those programs that do not have installers, or standalone, maybe they should make it install only in "Programs Files/ Utilities"
  9. sigh. i checked the price of the cards uv suggested and they are twice the price of my budget so thats really out of my budget. above are th eonly choices i do have.
  10. well i could spend only 3,000 php (philippine peso) thats about 60 usd those vid cards i listed are the ones i could buy. based on the price list i have.
  11. i have an old geforce mx400 card and im planning to buy a new one too, maybe before the end of this month. i have a limited budget so i have to choose cards based on the highest price i can buy. i will list it here then pls help me to choose among them note: im currently playing warcraft, need for speed most wanted. and im planning to get need for speed carbon and guildwars nightfall soon. so pls tell me what gfx cards are good for these games. PColor ATI 9550BGA 128ddr GOLD PowerColor ATI 9550 256ddr tv-dvi PowerColor ATI 9600Pro EZ128ddr dvi PowerColor ATI 9600Pro EZ256ddr dvi Inno3D FX6200LE 256ddr dvi 8x 64bit Inno3D FX6200 256ddr2 dvi 8x 64bit Inno3D FX6200 256ddr2 dvi 8x 64bit Inno3D FX6600 128ddr 64bit tv-dvi 8x what is a ddr2? do i need to have a compatible motherboard for it? btw, im using athlon 2100+ , nforce2 mobo, 1 gig ram. thnx guys ^_^
  12. so u mean to say instead of using the IZArx_setup.exe as "Installation file" on nlite addon maker, u chose the installer.cmd file? so the files installer.cmd + IZArc_Setup.exe + IZArcAssocs.reg, should be in teh same folder right?
  13. 1. ok so i wanted to make a klite mega codec pack addon. i know the silent switch but how do i use the .INF file i made for customizing install? e.g. klmcodec161.exe /VERYSILENT /LOADINF=Settings.inf will it be included in the cab/ 7zip archive? how? 2. i have exported .reg files of some of my apps? how can i include it in the addon pack? i have for example ultra iso. i know the silent switch and i have my .reg file. again, thnx ^_^

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