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  1. Install Xp On An Usb Hdd?

    Hi guys, I want to install XP pro on an usb drive. I have tried installing XP on a internal HDD and then put it in a usb box and it worked. So I know it is possible to do that. I think that I only need to load the usb driver like a sata driver but I duno wich .inf it is... Can anyone help me?? SpaceWilly
  2. Install Driver Without Rebooting?

    I thank you all for your answers. I'll use Bâshrat the Sneaky's method since I have many drivers with panels (graphic, souns, lan, dvd recorder, mouse, keybord, and so on) and I want to reboot beetween each install. that's exactly what I wanted!!
  3. My application switches

    DBPowerAmp R11.1 setup.exe <Silent>
  4. Install Driver Without Rebooting?

    thanks Bâshrat the Sneaky, I think that I got it : I put that code in a setup-catalyst.cmd which I call in the guirunonce. and "new_GUI_Run_Once_entries" is replaced by another c:\driver\setup-driver.cmd angadsingh007 : I can't use that method to install the control panel (and I use it to configure my TV-out), and the same with my logitech drivers, my sound blaster drivers and my dvd-recorder driver (I have the plextor 716A which need plextool to be installed if I want to use all the fonctionality offered by this recorder)
  5. Hi, I find weird you to install your drivers without rebooting.... When you use guirunonce to install your catalyst driver, you install your sound blaster and logitech, etc without rebooting?? Do you have a solution so that the computer reboot between each instal??
  6. Hi Everybody!

    Hi everybody.... I'd like to thank msfn for your job.... One year ago I made a WinXP setup with Sata drivers inside but I didn't knew that it was possible to make a full unnattended setup.... That's cool!!! However I still wonder some things : 1) Is it possible to make the setup program erase the first partition of the first HDD (not the full disk) and install on it??? 2) How do you install the programs that need to reboot after installation (such as drivers or burning softwares). I understand how I can make them install but not how I can make a reboot beetween each install. For the moment I copy these setup files on the destop so that I don't forget to install them... 3) Is that possible to install program automatically if the setup files are on an other partition?? (All my utilities and drivers are in d:\utilities) SpaceWilly PS : I apologize for the mistake that you could find (I am french).