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  1. Hi all, I think I maybe forgetting things..... Is there or do we know if there is a "Master Update List" of the software Install order before we use Gape's update to Win98se? I know I have seen some lists of the install order, but they seem old now. I just wanted to know if there is a newer List posted. (Directx9.0c, IE6,MDAC, Jet, etc) Thanks.
  2. Welcome back Gape!!! We were all getting concerned. I'm glad you are getting better. No reason to rush into things. With the new year I would take your time and enjoy everything! As always, thanks for all your hard-work in making this awesome SP for us Windows 98se users.
  3. Here is a site that offers a Free Screensaver. This particular Screensaver is called: Mediator Screensaver. Located at: http://www.axogon.com/en/meditator.html Here is the description from the web page. This company is also the creator the awesome program called MainVision 1.1 sold by Mainvision. - - - - - - - - - Description Axogon Meditator is a Windows® screensaver that fills screen with strange and amazing patterns of living colors. You will say 'Ahh!' every time you come back to your pc with this screen saver working. The main features are: * Breath-taking patterns Patterns and colors change constantly and never recur. * Configurable look and behaviour You can change complexity, dynamics and mirroring options. * Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP support Supports all PC Windows versions, all types of processors starting from 200MHz. * It's free! It was developed as freeware. --------------------------- Check this fine piece of software out! I use it all the time. It uses the same engine from Mainvision 1.1 to create the patterns.
  4. eidenk, You mentioned: "You should also update MPG4DS32.AX to at least version (from WM324178.exe) and dxmasf.dll to (from WM320920_64.exe or WM308567.exe) and strmdll.dll to (from WMSU47357.exe) That's only for 6.4 and might not be totally accurate as I might I have missed an update or another. For 7.1 they will yet be some other files to update I believe." All three of these files are for WMP 6.1 only? I searched for MPG4DS32.AX and it appears there is a version This is for the Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec. Is there a complete update package for 7.1 player? When I searched for the MPG4DS32.AX file, it was not on a M$ page so I'm not sure where this v is coming from. I'm wondering what the best Codecs are for WMP 7.1 or 6.4 to play MPEG-4,AVI,DivX, etc. I have several Codecs already but it now seems that even DivX is not making any further updates for Win98 users.
  5. Thanks everyone for that update. I was not aware of the issue with KB828026. Thanks: the guy, eidenk and erpdude8! I'll download and archive that Patch and 6.4 CAB file right now. On a side note, is the IE5.5SP2 still available for download anywhere? Of course M$ removed that option to download the files. Many thanks.
  6. Quick question regarding Windows Media Player 6.4, 7.1 or 9 Series for Microsoft Windows Millennium (KB828026) update posted from Microsoft. Does anyone know if the files listed for ME (Msdxm.ocx & Wmpcore.dll) works under Win98se correctly? Windows Media Player 7.1 Date Time Version Size File name Operating system ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17-Sep-2003 16:01 844,048 Msdxm.ocx Windows 2000 17-Sep-2003 22:13 815,104 Wmpcore.dll Windows 2000 24-Sep-2003 21:18 845,072 Msdxm.ocx Windows Millennium Edition 24-Sep-2003 21:18 815,104 Wmpcore.dll Windows Millennium Edition I still prefer using Media Player 7.1 over 9.
  7. Great Job hp38guser for providing the Windows Update v4 Windows 98SE Prerequistes. This information is extremely helpful. Thanks also to erpdude8 for the updated High Encryption pack for Internet Explorer links! Many thanks to Gape for providing this awesome UNOFFICIAL Windows98 SE Service Pack. This is truly a great service. As a side note, it seems that Microsoft is not willing to provide me with some recent updates on their system for Windows 98se. I'll have to wait until the next version of 98 SE SP comes out.
  8. The DirectX 9.0c Redistributable for Software Developers - Multilingual DOES work with Windows 98se users. The Link: lhttp://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=9226A611-62FE-4F61-ABA1-914185249413&displaylang=en still shows Windows 98se as a valid system. Not sure why M$ removed Windows 98 under the main DirectX 9.0 Redistributable file because M$ is still supportiung Windows 98 users until later this year... Great job Gape with 2.1a!
  9. Thanks krick for mentioning my mistake. I guess I need to double proof read before submitting. Thanks!
  10. I'm glad people are using the Icon Restore program. It IS very easy to use and a life safer (Well maybe not a lifesaver but at least Very useful) . I tend to keep my most use Icons on my desktop so this program is very good!
  11. I noticed that after running the TweakUI utility to fix the icons, my TrashCan icon has changed from the nice 256 color one back to the original Windows 98se one. Is there a way to get the nice updated icons back without reinstalling the SP1? I think I remember seeing this before that is why I went with the Icon Retore program. Much easier to fix the layout issue.
  12. Sorry about that. I've fixed the link now.
  13. Hi all, When time permits add this niffty little util that corrects the Icon Layout problem we sometimes encounter. Occasionally windows will lose the Icon layouts and I found out about this web site that has Helped me a Lot. ---> http://users.rcn.com/taylotr/icon_restore.html This little program is a great tool for any Windows 98se and above. It is called Icon-restore. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this before so I apologize if I'm repeating anyone. By right-clicking your Trash Can, My Computer, etc you can select | Save Icon Layout | Restore Icon Layout after installing this very small program. If you haven't checked it out, do it soon!
  14. Gape, When time permits is it possible to add this niffty little util that corrects the Icon Layout problem we sometimes encounter? Occasionally windows will lose the Icon layout and I found out about this web site that has Helped a Lot. ---> http://users.rcn.com/taylotr/icon_restore.html This little program is a great tool for any Windows 98se users. It is called Icon-restore. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this before so I apologize if I'm repeating anyone. By right-clicking your Trash Can, My Computer, etc you can select | Save Icon Layout | Restore Icon Layout. If you haven't checked it out, do it soon!
  15. I have to say this forum is great! Yes Gape, good luck with your exams. I have a general question though. I am assuming it is normal that Microsoft is telling me I have new updates after loading the SP1 program? (Aside from the newest news about Microsoft continuing support for Windows98se users until 2007? and yesterdays posting of two new Hot Fixes for issues with Icons and IE?) I noticed that after I had updated my laptop I used the Update page and Microsoft said I had 8 items to update. My question I guess is will the newer Service Packs include these with it? You know what, you can forgot answering this. I should not have wrote this. Apparantly I'm way too tired to think straight. Duhhhh..
  16. I wanted to know how easy is the 98lite Professional v4.7 program to run? I am interested in possibly getting this but I wanted to know more from users.
  17. Hello All, I guess I will have to put in my two cents as well. This topic has been brought up as well under Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video forum. (Now owned by Sony Mediasoftware). First off before anyone gets mad, I've used most of the M$ products (Dos, Win3.1, Win95,Win98, WinME, WinNT, WinXP). For me, I still love using Windows 98se because it does what I need it to and I like its speed. I use Windows 98se to make videos, music, play game, etc and everything I use it for it works great, especially with the unoffical SP1! If Windows98se does everything I need it to do (in terms of OS's) why would I have to upgrade? Should I upgrade because Microsoft is telling me to? Windows98se is stable and I have tweaked it in the way that I like. It runs well and performs like it should. I build PC's for myself and some friends. Since I own several copies of Windows 98se licensed, why would I find a need to Upgrade to WinXP. For me Windows98se can do everything that XP can for my use.(and I stress MY use; maybe not yours) We use WinXP Pro at work and I have noticed several issues that make me happy that I stayed with Windows98se. I am not harping on anyone for upgrading. Fine! If you are happy with the upgrade, great! My whole deal with this "registration" is that this can be used (down the road) to prevent me (the paid license user) from using the Software that I paid for. I brought this issue up with Sonic Foundry and they told me in an email "they are working on making this issue smoother". My whole beef is in the past I purchased "downloadable" software only to find out that I have to key in a Serial number and then a registration key. I now cannot use a program I PAID for because the company is no longer in business. The software, VidoeCraft from Andover. If I purchase a full "boxed" edition, I should NOT have to now register the software in order for me to "use" it. Sonic Foundry several years ago indicated to me, that if the software was installed from an actual "CD" I would not have to go through the registration process. Yeah, right. That did not last. I have a lot of software from Sonic Foundry, one of which is Siren Jukebox (which is no longer made) and if Sony decides to stop providing "a registration key" I'm screwed. I've also noticed something that I have not before. My Pentium 3 PC crashed and I erased everything on the PC and I reinstalled everything I had on there only to find out that my Computer ID is now Different from before!!!! Protecting "downloadable" software is OK with me. But when I have purchased only CD "boxed" products from whomever, I would expect I should be able to use it when I need to and NOT go through the hoops to register it. --There is my two cents again-- For me Windows98se can Burn CDR's,DVD's,etc. Yes, Win98 is old. So is DOS! I have older DOS programs for my DOS PC. Just because something is OLD does not mean it is obsolete. There are several web pages that describe how "older updates" to some software package are actually better than the new revison. Case in point, CD Burner BIOS's. But that is for another story. ** My problem with this post is that originally it was asked why people still use Windows 98se, just curious. It obiviously was used for other things** I do find it interesting that Microsoft is now Extending their service for us Windows 98se users. There must be more users using Windows 98se than M$ would like to admit! Check out this link: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?pr=LifeAn1 Thanks.
  18. tentonine, Thanks for the information. That is exactly what I needed! Many Thanks, FixitMad.
  19. mitsubishi, Thank you Very Much! I'm going to do that right now! Many Thanks.
  20. I have a strange question regarding the complete and utter removal of IE 4 from Windows 98se. I had to email Symantec to find out why Norton Anti-Virus Professional 2002 would not show the "normal" screens. Apparantly symantec needs something from IE inorder for the Anti-Virus screens to show? Does anyone know what these "files" are that Norton Anti-virus Professional needs? Symantec was not forthcoming in regards to this, just that I "need" to have Internet Explorer installed on my PC "before" I installed the NAV Pro 2002 version. Is there a way to get Norton to work without putting IE on my PC? I prefer Netscape and the new Firefox. Thanks.
  21. Gape, Ok Thanks. And again to everyone sorry for the delay. I was not ignoring everyone just tied up with work related issues and problems. Thanks!
  22. Hi Everyone, Sorry for the delay or lack of responses. I've been very busy and then I had to get my password reset because I misplaced my information. ( I know.... Lame). Anyway, I have those two files from Microsoft and I can sent them to you. I originally emailed them to alper@wolke7.net. So I assume this email is correct? Please let me know. I'll stay online for awhile while I'm at work. Thanks.
  23. erpdude8, I just received the Q246615 patch directly from Microsoft. I used my work email so I'm hoping that is why I received both of the requested files so quickly. Yesterday I noticed their email system was down so I could not request the Q246615 patch. Instead I replied to one of the emails I received from M$ and I got a response today! Hopefully those are the only two files needed. I'm sure M$ will start to wonder how many of these "files" my Company really needs. FixitMad.
  24. Hi, I just finished sending you the requested Q246615 patch today and yesterday I sent you the Q192425 patch both from Microsoft. Please let me know if you received the files ok. ( I wanted to vefify the files open ok on your side) Thanks, FixitMad.
  25. azagahl, Thanks. I should have looked there. I'll see if either of those two files have been downloaded and burned. Thanks!

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