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  1. I did another attempt this weekend, disabling the rdummy did the job (yes, it happened again) btw another minor bug it happens with the winsetupfromusb and not from the cdrom traditional way, in the middle of the text part of the installation, when the setup is copying the windows setup files for the first time, the setup complains about a file missing (phd.dll), I let it skip it and everything goes ok, anyway when I search the file after the installation it is in the system32 folder so np. PD: Thanks jaclaz for the help.
  2. I did reboot many times (because after the installation I tried many things so solve it) but still remained as a removable media (if you mean that by "Or did you NOT re-boot?"). For disabled you mean deleted or...?
  3. I don't know if it is already notified, but I've got an 2,5" HD 500gb hard disk in a 2,5" case. I did two (primary) partitions one of 16GB and another partition with the rest of the space for data (so in computer management --> disk management the disk is recognized as a basic disk). I used a nlite source and created, with the winsetupfromusb, an installation in the first partition of the disk, booted from the usb and all the installation went fine, first boot, second boot... all fine. Then it happens that this installation of windows xp recognizes this disk as removable media (my latop, work computer still recognize it as a basic disk) so the second partition dissapears (only for this windows xp installation) and there is no way AFAIK to change it. In the end I reinstalled using the normal nlited CD installation (wich recognizes the HD as a basic disk).
  4. well after some days, now I have another problem, folders still remember them arrange icons by setting but dont remember them view settings (Thumbnails, tiles, icons, list or details) :/
  5. Hi I use windows xp (nlited) and in some folders like "my music" there is no option to sort files by modification date by default, I have to go View>select details and there, choose, I want to see "modification date" on the sort file options, then i right click on any blank part of the folder and i can choose sort files by modification date... but then if i close/change folder the settings aren't saved, and every time i want to sort files by modification date, i have to do all the process. So I want to know if there is any way to fix this.
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