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  1. When WinNTSetup is releasing the same wim image, using WIMHost will not produce errors, but using WIMHost will prompt a "wimlib error 0x2: The WIM contains invalid compressed data" message. I don't know why this happens.... Do I need to replace my Windows PE?
  2. Oh, I didn't try the MSDN image, but I just generated a new Win11 ISO using UUPDump and tested it again, and still have this error. It's really strange. I am very grateful to Mr. JFX for his continued attention to these issues, and I hope Mr. JFX has a happy day every day
  3. I tried WimHost1.2.0.0, but still encountered the same problem as last time, which was when I deleted the winsxs.ini configuration file in the Default folder of MinWin and encountered an error of 0xc000005. As long as I restored winsxs.ini, there was no problem. This is strange, even if I downloaded the latest version of WinNTSetup from Mediafire and replaced the previous WimHost1.2.0.0, I still get this error. I don't know if Mr. JFX has a self use version of WinNTSetup that he can borrow me to test? Thank you, Mr. JFX, for your tireless answers these days. Thank you very much!
  4. I have also tried to use the wimhost that comes with WinNTSetup534, and I have also tried wimhost1.1.0.3. There will be an error after deleting the winsxs.ini (or when the content in the winsxs.ini is empty). I don't know what to do.
  5. I also encountered the same problem. I want to keep all the files under Windows\WinSxS, but I will report an error 0xC0000005 after deleting WinSxS.ini...
  6. Only the MinWin function of the WinSxS.ini configuration file seems to get stuck in the circle interface and report an error when dealing with 17763 and earlier kernel versions (such as 17134). Should I change the project of Setup=0 in WinSxS.ini to Setup=1? Or are there other better solutions? I remember when I was dealing with WinSxS a long time ago, I called the NSudo tool to delete WinSxS when I entered the desktop. It takes a lot of time to study the folder items that need to be retained, so I especially admire JFX for making such an excellent solution. Thank you very much, JFX!
  7. I downloaded the script from uupdump, which synthesizes the latest patch ISO, kernel version 22631.3296, and installs the ISO using WinNTSetup with the MinWin function, but wimlib starts to report an error, something like this. WIMHost (wimlib) error 0x1C: The SHA-1 message digest of a WIM resource did not match the expected value. If it is a Hash error, it is reasonable to use Dism to release the wim image, but it is normal to use Dism to release the image. However, I also deleted all the lists outside "Edge" and "WinSxS" in the WinNTSetup\MinWin folder, and I updated wimlib to 1.14.4, and the situation remains the same. Maybe I'm too stupid. Now I really don't know what's wrong. Maybe professional questions still need to be consulted by professionals.
  8. Thanks again to JFX for helping me. I have benefited a lot.
  9. Oh, I understand. Thank you very much for your patient answer!
  10. Once again tested the MinWin function of WinNTSetup, do not check the optimization option in "Optimization Adjustment", directly release the image, then use the Dism command to back up the WIM image, and then use the Dism command to release the newly backed-up WIM image, which will also cause the C disk to become an X disk... It would be perfect if you could use Dism to package a WIM image after the release of the MinWin function and release the WIM without turning disk C into disk X...
  11. I have an idea... First, when you enter the WindowsPE environment, the WindowsPE files are mounted to disk X, which is allocated by WindowsPE from memory. I reasonably guess that maybe the optimization project in WinNTSetup's "Optimization Adjustment" may use relative paths (such as% System%, etc.) to apply some optimizations, so in the WindowsPE environment, using WinNTSetup and some optimization adjustment options in WinNTSetup to release the Windows image will cause the final Windows to be applied with some wrong optimization paths, eventually causing the C drive letter to become X disk. Of course, this is my guess, I do not guarantee that it is completely correct... This content is translated by translation software, there may be grammatical errors, please forgive me...
  12. First of all, I would like to thank JFX, the developer of WinNTSetup, for developing this excellent software! Of course, I have a doubt. I used WinNTSetup and used the MinWin function to release the ESD image. Of course, I also checked some optimizations before the release, such as "turn off OneDrive". But after entering the desktop, the original C disk becomes X disk, and this drive letter is really very strange. I didn't use VHD, I just used WinNTSetup in the WindowsPE environment and released the ESD image with the MinWin function, but I don't know why disk C became disk X. I still very much hope that JFX can fix this problem, which may benefit all WinNTSetup users. In any case, thank you very much for JFX's great contribution to the Internet!
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