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  1. I'm sure you could remove those components after a clean-image command. There are quite a few actions that trigger the creation of the pending.xml so YMMV. However as it turns out i'm not even sure what it does cleanup-image command does yet. It seems the popular answer is to install Windows 8 in Audit Mode and Recapture the Image to WIM which should clear out those pending items and the xml. I'd love to hear about a trick to process the pending.xml items without installing but it works pretty well anyway. Cheers
  2. I found that disabling and removing the following features in Windows 8 Pro x64 causes the creation of the pending.xml items and thus prevents the /clean-image command from completing: I was using /remove-feature and the /remove options. Microsoft-Windows-MobilePC-Client-Premium-Package-net Microsoft-Windows-MobilePC-LocationProvider-INF Xps-Foundation-Xps-Viewer Printing-XPSServices-Features RasCMAK RasRip Windows-Defender-Default-Definitions TelnetServer TFTP WCF-Services45 WCF-HTTP-Activation WCF-NonHTTP-Activation WCF-TCP-PortSharing45 Thanks guys problem solved. TIL pending/xml component
  3. Thanks for the insight. I wasn't aware that there was a pending.xml in the sxs directory. it looks like i have something to learn about this audit mode as well. thank you both. i should be able to figure this out, lots to learn. anyone have a good script to use as an example? EDIT: Watching for the pending.xml really cleared things up thanks.
  4. I had a chance to retry the whole process. Time around I unmounted, committed and remounted the offline image before attempting the cleanup. unfortunately i'm still seeing the same error. Does the registry changes from install_wim_tweak need to be undone after removing packages and before running the clean-up? Could there be a package that was removed that could cause the cleanup to fail? Does using /addpackage to add netfx3 create a pending package that might interfere with the cleanup? Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking forward to seeing what anyone can come up with. Write-Host ------
  5. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking it might be a locked resources or something pending however I'm not sure yet how to resolve. it looks like my script is attempting the cleanup before committing changes to wim. I will reverse that order and try again. Does anyone know if removing certain packages causes issues with the /cleanup ?
  6. I had some questions for the community. MFSN is one of my favorite sources for this kind of content so I'm sure my question should be at home here. I have attached my very recently written PowerShell script using DISM to service an Offline Windows 8 Pro Image using the 64-Bit DISM found in the new Microsoft Windows 8 ADK. Most things *seem* to working correctly with the script however I cannot run the DISM Cleanup function on the modified offline image after servicing the image. I used Install_WIM_Tweak to unhide specific packages to avoid issues with any unremoved packages. I wonder if th
  7. Justibus thanks for the feedback, I played with a few xml's and discovered that you were right about way 7custimizer is working so thank you for the feedback. I'm going to run a lited windows 7 on bare metal soon I'm just putting it off for a bit due to the build speed lol. I'll aim to post something by this evening or tomorrow. I'll attempt to report on memory usage, event logs, performance and stability of the lited system.
  8. Great work on the component xml's. I for one definitely want to see some more xml's for additional components. I want to spark a little food for thought. During my first my first removal run using the XML's from this thread, I couldn't help but to notice how long it takes to parse and process each individual XML. It seems as if 7Custimizer is using the AIK tools for each XML individually and of course opening and closing the WIM image with each XML. Its not a huge thing because everything is working in the end. Getting to the point I was thinking of combining the Language Keyboard Layout XML
  9. Your current situation is: The DNS Server Services requires specific services to provide fuctionality to the DNS Server Service. If any of the dependant services can not be started, the DNS Server Service fails due to lack of functionality. At LEAST one of these required services to start DNS server are: -Removed [via nLite, XPLite or some form of Windows moding app] -Disabled -Manual [Can't start; This can be due to yet another service dependency issue] -Automatic [Can't start; This can be due to yet another service dependency issue] Note: If any services fail to start du
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