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  1. Q.Question before I Burn

    Any thoughts guys?
  2. Q.Question before I Burn

    Just have a raptor. I thought the board would have found it itself.... I also ask this on DFI street and they said I would be OK and that the windows setup would find the SATA drive....Just looking for confirmation really.
  3. Q.Question before I Burn

    Hi all, Ive got my nlite cd burnt and I plan to use it to install my new motherboard. Its a DFI Expert. I have not intergrated NO drivers as I plan to do everything when I get into widows. I only have 1 SATA drive. Can someone please give me confirmation that it should be OK before I go for the install. Thanks
  4. Cannot find harddrive.

    Using NT5 fixed the problem - thanks csjjpm!
  5. Cannot find harddrive.

    Thanks for reply I notice your sing NT5. Ive been using NT4 - could be the problem. I'll try it now
  6. Cannot find harddrive.

    Mabe someone can see if im doing something worng. . I point intergrate drivers to this: \drvdisk\i386\NT4\viamraid Im really confused here (made about 20 coasters!) Im using the following driver: http://www.viaarena.com/images/downloads/3/IDEWin.jpg
  7. Cannot find harddrive.

    Thanks for reply, however, I would prefer to let nLite intergrate the drivers rather then me manually. Ive tried all versions of via SATA driver now (some Ive used on previous nLite discs which have worked) and I still get the hardrive cannto be found message. I thinking there could be a conflict with the latest nLite build? Will try an older version. Rich
  8. Cannot find harddrive.

    Hi all, I created an nlited disk ages ago and started doing a fresh one today but ive got really stuck. Everytime my disc boots up I get the 'harddrive cannot be found' messgae. Ive made about 10 coasters! My board uses the via (VT8237) chipset. (motherboard abit AV8) I always point nlite drivers to: VIA ComboRAID V5.20a package\drvdisk\i386\txtsetup.oem but no luck. Theres a few other txtsetup files that come with the sata download but none of them seem to work! The strange thing is, when I re-load my nlite data (to change the sata drives) there is nothing in the drivers list. All other settings (hotfixes/options/services) remain the same though. I really cant think wat else todo. Rich
  9. Framedyn.dll and Srclient.dll missing

    I manged to get rid of the errors by adding the 2 .dll files mentioned aove. However, I can access ad/remove windows[\B] components in control panel so mabe they are not install correctly. Can someone else who has added the files please check this..... Thanks Rich