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  1. Hi @Tihiy I'm using StartAllBack with W11 style and optimized taskbar (to put start menu on the side while keeping apps centered). Currently, enabling this option, enables the action/notification center button and also splits volume and wifi icons/flyouts. Is possible to have an option to keep W11 style while using optimized taskbar? So we don't have the action/notification center button (clock opens this too) and volume and wifi icons/flyouts splitted. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!
  2. Tried it and unfortunately it doesn't work. @Tihiy I was hoping about something like ExplorerPatcher has (an option to default Start Menu to "All Apps" section). Thanks anyway to both
  3. Hi! Thanks for the help, will give it a try! Back button isn't a problem and yes, who still uses jump lists :)? Just wanted the vanilla W11 start menu to show "All apps" list by default. Thanks again
  4. @Tihiy Allowing users to have centered programs while start button on the left. That would be dope!
  5. Hi @Tihiy Just started using StartAllBack as soon as I installed W11. Awesome tool! Would it be possible to add an option to set start menu to open to "All apps" by default? If possible without requiring us to enable start menu customization. This way one can keep the vanilla ux and enhance the usability. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

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