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  1. I uninstalled the Ext Kernel and reverted back to my original Kernel and Netflix can still play video for me if you play it on the Mozilla Firefox 52.9.0, (the last supported version for Vista) with Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed. When I reinstalled the Ext Kernel and tried to Run Netflix with the same Firefox 52.9.0, it keeps on saying, "Microsoft Silverlight plugin has crashed, please try again." BTW make sure you put this command line on your osver.ini file or else Firefox 52.9.0 will automatically update to 60.9.0 on the Ext Kernel: [C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe] enabled=1 MajorVersion=6 MinorVersion=0 BuildNumber=6003 CSDVersion=Service Pack 2 My question is is there a way to stop the Microsoft Silverlight from crashing while trying to play Netflix on the Ext Kernel? I don't want to have to keep reverting back to my original Kernel for Netflix to run properly. Thanks.
  2. I'm trying to play my Driver San Francisco game with the current Ext Kernel. When I bought the DVD game about 8 years ago it ran fine on Vista but then later uninstalled the game from my computer. When I reinstalled the game during the lockdown I get the message of "K32Emptyworkingset cannot be located in Kernel32.dll" when I tried to run the game then. Now when I try to run the game with the Ext Kernel I now get the message "KERNELBASE.dll cannot be located". I checked the System32 & SysWOW64 folders and there are no Kernelbase.dll files in there. Is this a situation where I just download Kernelbase.dll files and put them in the 2 folders or is there something else I would need to do to get around that?
  3. Hi I'm new here. I installed the new October Extended Kernel and got the latest version of Chromium and Firefox to run! Is there a way to get Netflix, Disney+ or other streaming services to play videos because on Firefox when I tried playing a movie on Netflix it says I need the latest version which I have and on Chromium it says "make sure sites can play protected content is selected" which it is. Disney+ I can atleast login to my account with the Ext Kernel but still can't stream videos on both browsers. Is there something I will need to install or is there some way to spoof the browsers to play videos on those streaming services?

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