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  1. Oh, 1.16.5, but It was really slow since that I used an old version of mesa, but that was back when the old launcher was still supported
  2. Well, that's unfortunate, also because like I said before I was able to use mesa with modern Minecraft versions before the old launcher was discontinued, and that probably destroyed the way mesa works with MC on 98SE, maybe the other way is to find a workaround to make Java 17 work on my system, even tho that sounds exaggerated, I still want to try doing that
  3. Whoops, I forgot to specify that you can find those files on the Google Drive folder
  4. They are on the video's description, you can find Firefox (I use Mypal tho), Java, KernelEx, and ATLauncher (not the launcher I use) if you want the launcher I'm using, you can find it on tlaun.ch/jar
  5. You can find the instructions on this video, except that you need a powerful PC/Laptop (my laptop is a ThinkPad T42, but unfortunately It comes with a Radeon 7500 video card instead of a 9600 one since that I can't find one of those models for sale in my country), because of that I can only run up to 1.7.2 without mesa, even tho I somehow managed to make 1.13.2 work once without mesa, but it no longer runs now, It was very laggy without it by the way
  6. I see, so... Does that mean It might be impossible to make Minecraft work with mesa at the moment? Or did I miss something? Because I remember being able to use mesa with Minecraft 1.3+ on the old now-unsupported official launcher
  7. I added missing arguments to kernelex, and it didn't work, downgraded the file and still doesn't work, the only solution Is to edit the file with a hex editor, but I don't know what to touch first, can you help me with that?
  8. It works, thanks! Now I can run the launcher without having to use a batch file, but modern Minecraft still throws the same error whenever I try to launch it :(
  9. Hello, for the past few days I've been trying to make jre 8u181 the default java on my windows 98se laptop, making sure that I could run Minecraft launchers without having to run a batch file and successfully launch versions of Minecraft over 1.2.5 with mesa, but still couldn't find a way to do so, whenever I try to run modern or pre-classic Minecraft with mesa, it always crashes because the system doesn't recognize java as the standard application, is there any workaround? Thanks in advance!
  10. Update: I tried mesa on Minecraft versions up to 1.2.5 and it works, but for some reason versions after that always crash, I assume it's because Minecraft started using an internal multiplayer server on singleplayer after that version, even tho I can't find any workaround... Any ideas?
  11. Hello again, can someone please help me find a way to make Mesa 17.0.0 work on windows 98? A few months ago I've seen someone on twitter run the Mario 64 PC port with it, but everytime I try replicating the same things I fail, I've tried to contact that person, but he won't respond, but despite that, I still haven't given up, even tho I'm bad at compiling or programming in general, I still want to succeed, any useful information is appreciated!
  12. Well... it seems like I'm having trouble trying to compile mesa 17.0.0 for Win 9x, can someone give me a tip or something? Thanks in advance!
  13. Update: I tried mesa 17.1.6 with 1.12.2 on XP SP3 and it worked, but didn't on 98SE, but I saw other people successfully running versions of mesa up to that one on 98, I think I should make someone compile that version of mesa for Windows 9x or do it myself once I get a decent modern computer
  14. Hello, sorry for not responding this week, I was on a vacation and just got back home, anyway, I've just tried that driver, but nothing changed, I still get the same error, I guess that mesa (or another OpenGL wrapper for windows 98) is the only alternative to make modern Minecraft work on my laptop...
  15. ok, now it should give you a better idea of my OpenGL specs, thanks for the recommendation
  16. here you got my OpenGL specs in case, but I'm still curious, is Minecraft up to 1.12.2 laggy too on mesa 17.0.0? I did expect 1.16.5 to lag a lot, but I do very rarely play versions after 1.12.2, and therefore that isn't great news to me
  17. Thanks for the confirmation, but is it possible to run it through mesa 17.0.0? If not then I guess I should give up and just stick with the older versions
  18. All the versions up to 1.6.4 work perfectly, 1.7.2 lags a lot, and any versions after that won't work because of my hardware, but the audio engine starts even up to 1.7.10, when using mesa 6.5.2 it works up to 1.16.5, but still lags a lot, and works properly only up to b1.7.3, with newer versions of mesa, none of the versions of the game seem to work, I tried to enable kernelex in the DLLs and executables, but nothing changed, I would still get the same error
  19. Hello, thanks for the update, either way while I was waiting for your reply I tried to run Mesa 7.8.2 to 17.0.0 by putting it on the game folder, but Minecraft crashes saying that javaw.exe isn't working properly whenever I put the dll file there, even when I enable kernelex, got any ideas?
  20. Got enough time to reply at least? I've been waiting for over a week now
  21. Thanks man, when do you think it will be possible for you to try since that you're busy?
  22. Hello, I'm new here, and I wanted to know if it's possible to run some modern versions of Minecraft on Windows 98SE with an Intel 855PM chipset, I have an ATI Radeon 7500 graphics card, which is compatible with those versions, but the game still doesn't run, and I also can't find anything about the chipset and Minecraft compatibility on the web
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