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  1. Thanks awkduck, I hope I will find a T41p or T42p someday, those two are the ideal 98SE ThinkPads for me, I will let you know if that day will ever arrive
  2. Update: my IBM ThinkPad T42 just stopped working, and therefore I cannot try that anymore, I will have to wait to get a new 98SE laptop in order to do that now.
  3. I don't remember ever trying to build Qemu, even though I've tried to compile Win9x files a few times but failed doing so, maybe it's because I don't actually have a proper setup, along with having poor programming skills...
  4. I tried both files to be fair, yet none of them worked, I or someone else should find a way to code or compile a recent version of Mesa that might work on older hardware (even though i'm not that good when it comes to programming, and therefore I need some help).
  5. Yes, KernelEx is installed with core updates, I remember trying an older Mesa3D file once and it worked, but It was pretty slow comparing to the mesa9x file, I've never tested the file in a 98SE installation without KernelEx tho.
  6. I'm trying to run It from an IBM ThinkPad T42 with an ATI Radeon 7500 video card and an Intel Pentium M 1.7ghz processor, i've however tried to run the same file in a VM on a modern laptop and it works.
  7. Unfortunately those drivers linked above seem to only work on VMs, I tested the mesa9x driver weeks ago and it only works there, I assume it's the same for those other drivers, I wish someone would make similar drivers that support real hardware or simply make ports of them, It would be cool seeing modern mesa work properly on actual hardware running Win 9x
  8. It doesn't work, It throws the exact same error as the other Mesa files (OPENGL32.DLL+0x172d963), thanks for trying to help me tho
  9. Well, I've only found sound and graphics Drivers on that laptop, unfortunately no Ethernet or Chipset Drivers, I think I should wait for someone in my country to put on sale a T42 with a Radeon 9600 video card
  10. That was a close one! It tries to launch Minecraft, but crashes anyway... It seems like that it's now impossible to run MC with mesa, but if it actually is possible then there's something wrong with my laptop or Win 98 installation... In case my installation is in fact fine then I'm gonna move to another laptop I have, a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V3515, even though I don't know if it comes with Win 98 Drivers too, by the way, I tested it with XP and it runs up to 1.12.2 without mesa
  11. I ran the batch file from Mintty, got the access denied error anyway... Should I give up?
  12. Putting the command line of the launcher copied from ProcessExplorer into a batch file
  13. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place? I tried looking into launcher_profiles.json, but still nothing
  14. I can't seem to find the name of the executable, Is it a jar file you're talking about? Because there are no EXE files listed in my .minecraft folder
  15. Do you mean that I should use a command from the MS-DOS prompt or something? If so, which one?
  16. You know that you need a launcher to play Minecraft, right?
  17. By "custom installer" I mean that I've installed Java using the installer on TheMiningTeam's Google Drive Folder, even tho I've reinstalled Java about three times, and I'm only using TL Legacy now, even tho I want to use mesa because It would allow me to play modern Minecraft, if mesa wouldn't solve the issue, then I'm forced to buy a better laptop still compatibile with win 98, which is really hard to find unfortunately, and I don't even feel like doing that
  18. I Installed Windows 98 with KernelEx, Patches, and different runtimes along with Chipset, Ethernet, Sound and Video Drivers, I've installed Java 8u181 with a custom installer and then started three different Minecraft launchers, ATLauncher, TL Legacy and then OLauncher. When using mesa, I can only run versions from c0.30_01 to release 1.2.5, while without it, I can run every version up to 1.7.2, all launchers give me the same error when using mesa, and everytime I remove lwjgl64.dll, it reappears in the natives folder whenever I try to launch the game
  19. If you mean partition, it's a single one, by the way though, i can't find a lwjgl32.dll 2.9.4 file anywhere online or in my other PCs, can you send me one?
  20. Update: I've tried the JVM arguments used by SalC1 in his Minecraft on Win 98 video once again and now I get an error on lwjgl64.dll failing to load 64 bit library, maybe there's some hope?
  21. Well, I hoped I could have made it work with mesa because it is way faster with it (if using modern versions of it), but I guess I should ask someone like DosFreak if I want to run modern versions of Minecraft with mesa, If I recall correctly he has done lots of things with that renderer, even tho i'm fine as long as I can run up to at least 1.8.9... or even better... 1.12.2
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