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  1. Luck's on your side. I just ghosted my comp this morning using Ghost 2003. Not a glitch. Runs as usual.
  2. Oops...got it now...it should be C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe /s /t 5 Silly me...please delete this thread if you're the admin and reading it...otherwise save it for some other newbie!
  3. There's a slight change to the command line in comparison to XP. The arguments used are now prefixed by a forward slash instead of the minus sign (see attached). I've tried the following for a quick launch shortcut: C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe /t 01 but the system refuses to shutdown with the timing specified. Nothing happens in fact. What's the correct syntax?
  4. I use the Canon Powershot G2, and W2K3 presented me a problem while trying to install the USUAL Windows XP WIA drivers for W2K3. The setup file couldn't find a 'driver file' it was looking for. I had to manual redirect the system to find the .inf files required. The wizards to confirm which programs should open appeared, but i never got beyond to downloading more than 1 picture, after which the application (in my case, Photoshop) hung. A similar thing happened as I tried to retrieve the pics using M$ Scanner and Camera wizard from the Control Panel. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them using Windows 98/2000 WIA drivers from Canon's site. Everything works perfectly now. The Canon import interface in Photoshop is an earlier version and looks dated though. But not a glitch anymore. For those of you using the Canon Powershot G2, this might be of some help.
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