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  1. Hello everyone, i'm not sure i am posting in the right place, i'm facing an issue in startallback that annoy me : i am using a three monitors rig, and need to move the taskbar on a non main monitor I discovered that startallback allow this, and am very gratefull for this feature ! But for some reasons, it sometimes "bug" after having played a fullscreen game for example : i have 3 monitors, AB & C, the main is B (for videogames and so on), the taskbar is on A. Atfer a while i have a kind of "invisible" taskbar that appears on B and any window i want to expand in fullscreen won't be able to, and i have a blank bar in place of this "ghost" taskbar (see screen capture, the orange is my desktop under the task manager) On the A monitor, where the taskbar is, on the contrary a window expanded to full screen goes under the taskbar, as if it doesn't exist here at all ... The only bypass i have found is to restart manually startallback, but doing this loose some personalisations previously made on the taskbar. Any help would be very much appreciated !! Cheers Thomas

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