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  1. On 11/8/2022 at 10:18 PM, Mikaelo said:

    @useroot OK? Huge thnx. I will test it!! 👍

    I don't why, but WinAero Tweaker Taskbar thumbnails disabling, or resizing does not work for me. Set value are resetting at irregular intervals. 7+ Taskbar tweaker seems to work properly now. But finally, I updated GPE (I have Win 11 Home 22H2) and this solution works for now. I have no idea how to eventually monitor REG entries. I had used Process Monitor, but it is too complicated and confusing. Maybe because I don't know exactly what to monitor. I will trust that the GPE setting will work properly for some time. Maybe SAB implementation of this function?? @Tihiy pls 🙏

  2. 9 hours ago, Tihiy said:

    Please collect crash dumps and provide them for me / author.

    @Tihiy is seems that works now ok. I have run 7+Taskbar Tweaker for today and it is OK so far. I will continue, I will see tomorrow. I haven't had it running for a while. Maybe some updates SAB or 7+TT correct it. But my question remains. Is there any chance to implement taskbar thumbnails disabling to the SAB? I have used SAB to make the taskbar more pleasant and useful. SAB is the best. No doubt. In any case, you have my huge thanks for your work!!

  3. 21 minutes ago, useroot said:

    @Mikaelo Use winaero tweaker. It has an option to disable taskbar thumbnails.

    Thnx @useroot for share tip. I have known WinAero Tweaker. It is super tool, but this REG hack work just for a while. Win probably rewrite the REG key value, I am not sure, but thumbnails are disabled just for several minutes.

  4. On 6/3/2022 at 9:23 AM, Mikaelo said:

    Hi @Tihiy thank you for your project and your effort. Please, will it be possible to add checkbox for disabling of the taskbar thumbnails preview 🙏


    Hi everybody, please any working solution for disabling taskbar thumbnails preview? I had used a 7+ Taskbar Tweaker for a long time but it causes the Explorer restarts. I don't used it. Reg hack doesn't work too.  GPE solution doesn't work for me - Win 22H2 22621.755. @Tihiy is it chance to implement this into SAB?


  5. 15 hours ago, salandreika said:

    hi. please remove the black/translucent layer from taskbar thumbnails. it looks uggly (especially on 60 Hz monitors) when moving from one thumbnail to other while hovering them.


    Screenshot 2022-08-22 215644.png


    And is it possibly to hide thumbnails through the check box?

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