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  1. Is there any use for you to connect to my computer and perform debugging at this point?
  2. looks like all the previous bugs have all been fixed in 3.2.2, zero problems so far! Great work! Masterful work! Thank you.
  3. Would love to see this feature. I found it indispensable with 7+ taskbar tweaker for loading processhacker, as an alternative to the task manager. middle click option to close window would be nice as well.
  4. If I disable k-lite thumbnails, or uninstall k-lite codecs the crash on right click problem persists.
  5. Ok to recreate without fail, I right click the start button, and then immediately right click the taskbar, or visa versa... then click anywhere else, and it crashes. I'm using the latest k-lite standard version https://www.codecguide.com/download_k-lite_codec_pack_standard.htm
  6. [1688] StartIsBack: forbiding XAML launcher to start [1688] SIB ASSERTION FAILED SysTray.cpp:332 [1688] Jumplist populated in 8 ms (system pane items 5 init 14 ms) total 27 ms [1688] Jumplist populated in 89 ms (system pane items 40 init 14 ms) total 143 ms Ok... so i manually forced closed explorer, reloaded it to test more. This time I got the Icaros popup without explorer crashing. Right clicking about a dozen times eventually caused the right click menu on the start button to stick & stop working. The rest works fine however. No crash/dump yet on this try.
  7. Dump: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12KtAOdsJB4whHCy5OeB1Lj2KgKFwSxwT/view?usp=sharing
  8. This new version accurately replaces the taskbar and start menu... I do get the occasional explorer crash-dump I never had before, after right clicking the taskbar. the dumps vary, they either points to heap corruption, or to k-lite's thumbs. Crash dump is created and a k-lite popup appears asking to send the dump to their side. Right clicking the taskbar was what triggered the crash. Right clicking the start button never did. But now after a crash, right clicking the start button shows no menu. Left clicking works however. The button appears permanently in the pushed position.
  9. So far it seems the newer version works perfectly! HOLY GOD
  10. Ok, after disabling these mitigations the problem with 3.2.1 persists. I'll try your new test version, thank you!
  11. This is the error I receive using the fixed version you initially posted. I'll try the standard one and then your latest one next.
  12. Not loading a non Microsoft binary is "Code Integrity Guard" in MS exploit mitigations. The mitigation for preventing dynamically-generated code is "Arbitrary Code Guard"
  13. Ok I think I have found the culprit finally. I have enabled in gpo Group policy:
  14. Yeah that Yes this one doesn't crash but doesn't modify anything as far as I can see. UPDATE Oh, I see start actually does work if I push win+shift and it is modifying explorer as well.
  15. Also using 'listary' and 'everything' which modify or modulate windows search functions.

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