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  1. Where is link to download latest windows vista extended kernel? I get an error when trying to install update KB4474419
  2. Hi, yes sorry I've not been on the forum for a little while, you may. Do you know what the problem is so I can fix it?
  3. Good day, I've managed to install all the updates from greenhillmaniac, but after copying the extended kernel files I am just getting a black screen, not even Vista logo or anything. See below. Am I supposed to copy all the files? Is there anything more than updates that needs to be done? I just installed all the updates and .Net frameworks. Do I need to install Visual C++? When I only copy the .DLL files it is booting fine. Am I only supposed to copy the DLL files from extended kernel?
  4. Tried that now but now I am getting a blue screen. See below:
  5. Good day, Is there any instructions on how to use the kernel from Mega? I followed a youtube video but instead of copying just the dll files to system32 from kernel files, I copied everything. Now I am getting the below error when booting vista and think I might need to reinstall. Can someone please assist? Youtube link:
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