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  1. Now that the beta also modifies the tray, is there any possibility of getting a combined segment mode, where the tray and taskbar can be combined and centered or justified left?
  2. Works perfectly, thanks so much! I guess while I'm here, maybe I can request a feature Is there a possibility of getting the tray combined with the center segment to achieve a dock-like effect? Or if not, a way to have two segments but no background on the tray segment? Either way, thanks for the killer app!
  3. This is all I have: [32984] 05:16:38.495 9 AudioDeviceSession OnStateChanged Active *SystemSounds {}.{b46519a5-7927-44aa-a3f1-fe75ed6eef06}|#%b{A9EF3FD9-4240-455E-A4D5-F2B3301887B2}|1%b# [32984] 05:16:39.495 5 AudioDeviceManager-(Playback) OnPropertyValueChanged {}.{b46519a5-7927-44aa-a3f1-fe75ed6eef06} 9855c4cd-df8c-449c-a181-8191b68bd06c,0 [32984] 05:16:39.835 5 AudioDeviceSession OnStateChanged Inactive *SystemSounds {}.{b46519a5-7927-44aa-a3f1-fe75ed6eef06}|#%b{A9EF3FD9-4240-455E-A4D5-F2B3301887B2}|1%b# [32984] 05:16:48.313 UI WindowsTaskbar Current: Location=Bottom, AutoHide=False, Taskbar=134860, Size=[Left=0,Top=1400,Right=5120,Bottom=1440], Monitor=Screen[Bounds={X=0,Y=0,Width=5120,Height=1440} WorkingArea={X=0,Y=0,Width=5120,Height=1400} Primary=True DeviceName=\\.\DISPLAY3 [18180] StartIsBack: forbiding XAML launcher to start [32984] 05:16:53.831 UI ShellNotifyIcon Update NIM_MODIFY Failed: 2147500037 [18180] StartIsBack: XAML kicked in [31 ms] Alt+Tab seems to work fine UNTIL I try to use Win+Tab, then both don't work (until an explorer restart). Nothing interesting appears in DebugView after that though.
  4. I'll give it a try tomorrow, it does seem like it works initially at boot and then stops at a certain point.
  5. Here you go, let me know if there's anything else I can provide to assist in this matter. FeatureManagement.reg
  6. Also having this issue, Win + B doesn't work either, these all stop working with StartAllBack 3.5.3 and Windows 11 22h2 22623.870
  7. Are there any plans to add an option to center task icons and the start button?
  8. I would really like this as well! Also @Tihiy, is there a changelog/version history on the StartAllBack website? +1 here too, the only thing on my wishlist for this app! Great work as always.
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