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  1. How can i get rid of the flyouts that show up at the shortcuts on the left side of the start panel somtimes? I want to have them on the right side only.
  2. Right, that´s an insider build, not for public use!
  3. Have you ever tried to restart your PC after messing it all up. Sometimes that works wonders.
  4. Calm down dude. Tihiy is always trying to give his best in this flood of feedback. Reasonable updates of StartAllBack happen nearly every week. Such a good tool support is really rare out there. He must not kill every fly on the wall. Also not every reported problem is a bug of StartAllBack. Sometimes people simply don´t use it in the recomended way by mixing the settings with the ones from Win11 and Tihiy has to find out all that by himself.
  5. Thanks Tihiy, you did it in RC4, all icons are visible again in context menu. And big thanks too for bringing back classic Windows Paint again. I was pleasantly surprised to suddenly have it back with RC4. You would do me a big favour if you could also bring back classic Windows Photo View as an option because i would prefer also that, didn´t like the modern one in Win10 already.
  6. Adobe App Icons are also invisible/white in Explorer Context Menu after installing Adobe Acrobat. Looks like a few Programs are effected by this issue.
  7. Exactly so and that´s the reason why StartAllBack will be much better. I also didn´t know that till i tried StartAllBack two days ago for the very first time. OldNewExplorer never had that compatibility and stability right from the beginning. Thanks for that Tihiy.
  8. Same thing happens to me in Explorer-Context-Menu but is not so much important to me as an empty icon.
  9. Same emptiness happens with NVIDIA-Contol-Panel-Icon on Win11-Desktop-Context-Menu after installation of the actual graphics driver.
  10. What about OldNewExplorer, will it also be developed again by you for Win11? I would like to have the Win7 Explorer back in Win11 if possible.
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