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  1. On 12/13/2021 at 2:14 PM, Dave-H said:

    an ISO to do a new installation of Windows XP, which is not what I really need.
    I ideally need drivers which I can just install into my existing installation.

    inside, there is WinXP-IE Optional Patch Integrator

    see \Integrator Files\Patches\ACPI drivers 

    many acpi.sys files try them til you found the right one.

  2. On 12/11/2021 at 1:34 AM, Dave-H said:

    trying with the "WinXP-IE Optional Patch Integrator".
    I've downloaded it fine, and it appears to contain loads of drivers, but when I run the batch file it eventually fails on "extracting "WinXP-IE "x(Vanilla).iso" file"

    Rename your winXP iso or search for windows-xp-professional-sp3-x86-integral-edition

    it will work with Lenovo IdeaPad

  3. Speedometer 2.0 benchmark on XP x32 SP3 on an intel i5-540M 2.53GHz

    360Chrome 12.0.1247 rebuild 9 ungoogled: scored 38.28

    Edit: more brosers test

    360Chrome 13.4.1030 rebuild 3: scored 37.75

    360Chrome : scored 36.6

    360Chrome 11.0.2031 rebuild 5: scored 34.1

    Arcticfox-27.11.0.win32-git-202011211 : scored 18.9

    MyPal 29.3.0: scored 17.0

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