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  1. Hi! I have a Terminal Services Server which is used by different users with different computers/displays. What I would like to know is if there's any way to apply some Display Properties Settings to a single user and another Display Properties to another one. I wanna use 120ppp instead of 96ppp for the "size". Cheers!
  2. Hi! I have a network with one Windows 2003 SBS and 20 Windows XP computers. We have a domain called Gecaf. I want to be able to deny access to install or uninstall any kind of application on the Windows XP machines, how can i do that ? Another think, how can i change the look (block) of the Start menu, like to remove Control Panel, etc... ? Cheers!
  3. Hi! Just installed a Windows 2003 SBS Server. I did the config and i made a mistake, i've choosen a wrong ip address for the server IP. All the services were configured using that IP. If i simply change it on Network config i loose access do exchange, dns, mycombanyweb, etc... How can i reconfigure all services to use a new IP ? Or how can i re-run the config again (just running it again doesn't ask me the questions it asks the first time, ip, address, name, etc...)... Cheers!
  4. I'm giving up on Winfax... gonna try the fax service included with Windows XP... thanks!
  5. Hi! Don't know if this is the best forum to post this but i'm out of clues... After i receive a fax with Winfax Pro 10 on a Windows XP machine i can see the fax and everything is right. But when i forward it to another Windows XP Machine via e-mail (through winfax pro) i can't see the full fax, i only see a part, like 1/4, and the rest is all black... Any ideia !?
  6. Hi! No i didn't imaged them, they just had this problem from one day to another... I've already solved the problem (i was being pressed to solve it by my boss ), i changed the workgroup in every computer from "Gecaf" to "Work". I still don't know what caused this but at least i know how to "short"-fix-it If anyone has any other info please post
  7. Hi! Today when i arrived at the office and started booting the 18 pc's we have all of them gave an error stating that there is a duplicate name on the network. There isn't We don't have a domain, it's a workgroup, all pc's are Windows Xp Sp2. Changing the computer names didn't work, neither rebooting them works... Hope someone can help...
  8. In my country the difference between Home and Pro version is 75€ = $96. I find not even a single advantage of using Pro version instead of the Home one at home... Like someone said, if you plan to use it on a company with active directory (domain) then the PRO version is a must. But for home use, in a network "in a workgroup" i see no differences between the Pro and Home. Thoose who said that Pro crashes less than Home... That's just imagination
  9. Thanks! Going to try that after lunch
  10. Hi! I have installed 20 machines running Windows XP Pro SP1. We have a computer running as a proxy (Linux/Squid). Almost every computer updates with WindowsUpdate. But in some (3 to be exact) i can't seem to update, i get a 0x8024402C error. I've tried these commands suggested in the MS site: proxycfg -d net stop wuauserv net start wuauserv I've tried removing the wu* files from c:\windows\system32 to a temp directory so to when i run windowsupdate it reinstalls new files, but still the 8024402c error appears. Anyone got any idea!? Cheers!

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