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  1. Guys I have to thank every one of you.

    I upgraded the ram to 4gb. Replaced old spinning hdd with 500gb ssd samsung 860 evo.

    Reinstalled windows 7 but remained at 64bit flavor. GUYS this laptop has never been so fast like it is now. It boots up under 20 seconds. Websites are snappy (well snappy considering this cpu) and for 2-3 tabs in browser it is more than enough.

    Before windows 7 I tried vista again on that ssd, but it kept bluescreening with dpc watchdog violation. Mom is happy with 7 though so it is not a problem at all.

    Again HUGE thanks to everyone that helped and suggested actually good things.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, Dixel said:

    Because now Vista has the marvelous Extended Kernel , created by the talented MSFN member @win32 , so all modern browsers do work. If you don't like what I suggested , go and use what you want. Yet another solution would be buying a new laptop for your mother . Core 2 Duo is what , like 15 years old ? I wanted to place this solution as the first one in the previous post , but avoided doing so because I'm polite . Buying a new notebook is exactly the thing I would do in this case , even if I had to sell the parts from one of my rigs. Regards.

    EDIT : Took a look at that 800mhz CPU. This kind of hardware is simply out of question for any modern OS . 2GB of RAM is not enough for Win 7 . I remember such processors were too slow even when they just came out , so folks installed win 2000 or XP 32 bit to get some performance out of such laptops. I think you may need an advice from someone else.

    okay it seems like you're not objective cause you are windows 7 hater (I looked on your profile) my core 2 duo t5870 is 2 ghz at base clock! I simply asked why are you recommending vista when we can't use it? (security reasons and office)

    I don't have any experience in kernel stuff or programming. so extending something isn't my cup of coffee. I would buy new laptop if they were in stock (I already said that) like paying 800 dollars for pentium laptop is something I simply refuse to do.

    We already upgraded the ram to 4gb so it seems to be little better and I'll try to reinstall windows 7 32bit as you suggested and I'll not update it. (even though that will limit my ram to 3 gb and something?)

    Please try to not attack me for having older laptop... I mean you could be windows 7 hater but this was inadequate.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Dixel said:

    Hi and welcome , @Anonymous76 !

    First of all , Windows 7 is much slower than Vista (no surprise here).

    Your CPU is just too slow to handle a million of modern updates with Win 7 . Updates slow down any computer , I'm sure our very experienced user @Gansangriff will agree . What you may try . 

    1 - Get back to Vista (obviously).

    2 -If you want (need/like) Win-7 that much : Install it without SP1 . Just "Windows 7 RTM Build 7600".

    SP1 gives nothing but bloat . There are plenty of users complaining about slowdowns after their installation of SP1. Also , I would suggest to install 32-bit Win-7 on that computer and disable updates (yes , my opininon from a huge experience). You can , of course , install some updates manually , only the ones you really need/want.

    3 - Get Windows Vista 64-bit and install Extended Kernel by @win32 . For that you will need this only one update KB4467700-x64 insatalled before the kernel.

    If you play DX11 games - you need to install KB2117917 and KB971512. That's it ! You can also install VC redist 2015 and Framework 4.5 .

    You do not need anything else, if you don't click suspicious links.



    Why do you save go back to vista? Why is it obvious? (I don't want to sound rude or anything but this is something very different to opinions on internet)

    We need windows 7 on there because internet banking stopped working on windows vista and most websites no longer loaded up correctly.

    SP1 is needed for microsoft office 2016 (office 2010 stopped being able to read modern documents that my mom needs to open because of work)

    She could click on anything so having an updated windows is important for her.

    She does not play any games (I have my gaming tower for that). I could try windows 8 because what I've read here is that it is the fastest modern os idk honestly. Upgrade is now out of question because of shortages.

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  4. On 4/10/2021 at 2:56 AM, Vistapocalypse said:

    Welcome to MSFN! If you have installed all available Windows updates up to Win7’s January 2020 EOL, then that might be the explanation. Some of Microsoft’s security updates released in 2018-2019 (after Vista’s EOL) negatively impacted system performance. (The same thing would’ve happened to Vista if you had manually installed all the Server 2008 SP2 updates.) You could test that with another clean install of Win7 SP1 with Windows Update disabled to see if it’s less sluggish. Before trying anything that drastic, have you installed an antivirus on Win7? Not many of them support Vista anymore, but they all support Win7 and can make a system sluggish.

    Hello and thank you for your warm greeting.

    We don't have any antivirus installed but we have windows update. I don't know but it is just not possible to even browse the web. It is very laggy and I don't understand why

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  5. Hello everyone

    My friend said that you guys are the best when dealing with legacy operating systems. My mom has older laptop that still had old vista on it.

    We did clean install of windows 7 but now the laptop feels more sluggish than before. Why could that be? Windows 7 was always snappy on my computers.

    Editing: She was using it daily with vista up until now (shopping, web browsing etc..)

    intel core 2 duo t5870

    2gb ram

    500gb hdd 7200rpm

    Windows 7 home premium 32 bit

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