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  1. not sure from command line, but in windows just right click on it and instal. only thing i could think of is figure out the hex for right click and then figure out instal code.
  2. this is going to sound really crazy, if i take something into word at the status bar it will tell me the line i am on yet when i goto page 30 the line numbers start over. pretty much willing to bet you all dont try to do the math to find line number 2005. what program or how to you make notepad goto line 256? thanks wherzdaluv
  3. thanks for the replies let me try and describe it this way. your friend barely use his computer for anything other then checking email and browsing. his hard drive stops working totally and buys a new one and put it in himself because he is to stubborn to pay 100bucks more to the local store. finds his recovery disk but its cracked, but have it in its case that shows the product key. he calls you up because you know a thing or two and you let him use your AIO creation which doesnt have your info in the winnt.sif file. but you are about to leave for a 30 day vacation and do not have the time to create a bootable cd for him with his info or you will miss getting to the airport. kids screamin, wife wondering if she looks good in her bikini. you tell him come get the cd or go buy a new OS you print out the winnt.sif quickly write down steps too take, select hit enter, select option 4, then 2 and then its builds a winnt.sif file describing that you put your name here, say yes here, say no to that, put product ID there. and when its installing it refers to some temporary winnt.sif since you cannot burn it to the closed session cdrom. so when time hits that 33 minute mark, it just fills out the info while he went to dinner to return to his computer sitting there with that blank window of only the start menu sticking up. kind of like during instalation it opens a .bat or .cmd when he selects the unattended instal and does the steps in 5 mins and can carry on during the next average hour doing what ever and forget to return to see if a new window popped up asking questions only to wait another 33 mins and carry on and return to anoter popped up item to wait another 29 mins. to where time gets wasted sitting there watching the instal(about as exciting as watching paint dry). so he gets bored and moves on to doing something to return from dinner to see the next step of welcome press next. i hope that explains it more in lamens terms to what i am looking for thanks wherzdaluv
  4. not to take away from the great work it is awesome Lets say you create an AIO dvd with windows xp home, pro, all of them and then you decide to instal xp pro without sp's so in basic menu of the AIO you pick xp pro ---> next menu gives coices of say 0 sps, sp1, sp1 hotfixed, sp2 and you pick the 0 ---> next menu has run set up or unattended and you select unattended<---now these menus are created before those are examples. now you wind up doing this because your hard drive crashed and had to buy a new one, now xp pro with no sp's is not going to have .net framework to run the awesome program you have created. so the question is --- is there a way to create a menu too have all the options needed for filling out, that will create the unattended .sif say in a temp memory since it isn't going to be able to burn to the cd. and you go watch a movie come back and its all done sitting there waiting . i tried to describe it the best way i could. in my head i know what i want to happen just didn't know how to say it. thanks for any replies
  5. now there is so much knowlege on this site to try and cram it is overwhelming. i have used nlite to make a set of xp's from xp_no sp's >thru sp2 now sure the combined total is over 700 MB standard cdr, why not buy a 12X dvdR all i can say is why waste my money when they have already made an over 52X just raking in the money at 12X. i have a versions a,b,c,d:--> a=before SP b=only sp1 no hotfixed , c=sp1 with hotfixes, d=sp2 now nLited these down to a total of 932MB so i was cutting the 4 in 1/2 to> A, B then C, D which would make it on a CDR 700MB i cannot use gosh's slimming xp because nLite will not work with it, sure i can copy dotnet to it, just dont have the knowlege to keep it from trying to copy things that are no longer there. Removed by Alanoll so to the point of this post is basically this creating an AIO cd of ONLY winXP>>notice the "ONLY" part, dont care about 95,98,me, homexp cd shell doesnt have very simple help understandable files, is there not a way when an OS xpA->xpD use alot of the same files , so creating a boot file that says oh need font Times Roman Numeral, and it just says"Oh thats over here on this area of my disk" and go get it, so when an update happens to Times Roman Numeral, we dont need version 1 thru 1000, just have version 1000, and that was simple explanation i could explain, when xp came out, they had a printer.driver yet last xp has a printer driver which has all drivers from xpA drivers. why do i need to have that on the disk and not just if i decide to make a partition with only sp1 yet get the drivers from sp2 version of xp. so in earlier statement where i have 4 versions ripped at 900+ MB when knowing that there is plenty of the same used from 1->4, how do i make or find a program that researches to say this folder of I386 has the same and more, why keep I386A when I386D has I386A---i386C and new updates I386D. it would be on the same CDR, just why refer to that old i386A when i386D has that and more. where i would be able to create the original versions a,b,c,d of the originals using alot of the same which is over 2 gig, yet say DRIVER.CAB from "xp before SP" to recognize DRIVER.CAB "at which ever version they are at" to save 29,000kb for each version. i dont know if what i said made any sense, and i wont be back at the computer for about a week 02/23/05, but will love all info and simple understanding how to make 4 different i386's recognize each other and dump the old one before burning. thanks wherzdaluv
  6. OMG I was so deep on making something work for when after Dahi mentioned nLite and stumbled upon it. Now this is one awesome program, i was getting so depressed trying to get what i wanted to happen and there it was my prozac called nLite i bow to your programing of this, i was so much trying to learn what you simplified in a program. dont know if they will pass over this post. but maybe one little addition to add is before iso creation an option to create a notepad of selected options and integrated hotfixes. i like to read my .nfo files of what is done on a particular disk before i install it. wherzdaluv
  7. from using vmware looks like i did create my first working of 5.1.2600.0 now just need to figure out all the options to do what i was wanting from the .cmd's thanks for the turn on to nLite hope learning the $oem$ along with the integrating WPA amd MSI's i want to add dont cause me grief. thanks to creating what the other 95% of the world doesnt realize is possible thanks again wherzdaluv
  8. starting to play with NLite looks like a very awesome device to do in a windows window what i was requesting to do in dos. **** if i only found this 6 weeks ago LOL will try to let you know the out come of my stripping xp naked but would still love input on some of my other issues doing it in dos mode tho wherzdaluv
  9. so close yet so far away thank you for the reply and just found the nlite series which looks awesome. i am basically creating a set for my personal use. and this has been about 6 weeks in the process. i do not have degree in computers but consider myself literate enuf to know difference between file and folder LOL. all started when i hated the fact being logged into 2 computers with the same login not being able to manipulate C folder thru a mapped drive then the goal began. now using 2003 server was working but was a pain in the booty on drivers issues then found the solution http://antiwpa.cjb.net/ but along the way found gosh's tweaks with a download called remove took some playin with to make my xp from years ago work from ZERO service packs to integrate up to sp2 integrated versions as follow Windows XP(5.1) 2600.0 (Retail) Windows XP(5.1) 2600.1106 (SP1) Windows XP(5.1) 2600.1106 (SP1) <--hotfixed Windows XP(5.1) 2600.2180 (SP2 RTM) next i wanted to duplicate the same series with http://antiwpa.cjb.net/ and the .cmd files found at http://jdeboeck.msfnhosting.com/ <--not locating the link to the download again, but have been doing everything to make it work on sp1 to remove what i choose. had issues with the extra downloads of and creating a working iso but along the line found this site which made that issue work. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=9478 kept it basic and used cdimage to create the ISO last attempt was to take (oh the versions above are fully working) took 2600.0 and this time ran the .cmds i wanted minus what i said 2 posts ago then ran wpa2.0.2 also did the basics of hex edits from the 9478 post. did recieve a couple errors not finding some files but it was like only 5 of them versus the massive set. and used cdimage to create the rest of the 9478 post finally was able to make vmware work to my benifit and yes i got past the initial setup all the way thru installed, untill the actual become in first windows after setting up username. errors taken from vmimage are STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error} The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x0000005 (0x0000000 0x0000000). The system has been shut down. LOOP but at least didn't get the miles of cannot find the dll. so i am close yet brain is fried like on acid. the exact cdimage is--> cdimage -lXP***_***_1a -t02/06/2005,09:22:00 -bc:\install\xpboot.bin -h -n -m -o c:\install c:\XP***_***_1a.iso i understand why not just use the nLite version which i plan to research deeply, but since i been this deep wanting the version to work, i know that this must have worked before or wouldn't have posted it. and my stubborness knows i can figure this out. basically my goal is to create a series for the beginner like myself to learn for himeself. but long term is to make OS naked yet have the (which i havent even started to figure out yet) $OEM$ of programs I want for me, office, nero, cdimage, magiciso, alcohol(someone figure out how to usb an IV of vodka to jack into LOL) hex workshop, adobe, among others. yet free up the space of the stuff xp thought i needed and dont. not totally sure the best way to post my efforts for known reasons. but i am so close that i may not see it yet, but i know the light is around the next corner. thanks to all sites for information but just a word of advice, maybe make a link called "idiots learning how to power on" to immitate "tweaking your install for dummies" LOL. and no Dahi i did not run nLite but can see the greatness in its simplicity that i will need to read on about. I just hope they dont forget to keep implemented a from the beginning of XP or next Longhorn method for stubborns like myself that want to go back to the beginning and tweak it. thanks for your help OMG as i tried to preview this post it didnt appear and when returned it sayed page has expired so if this gets posted 2 times i am sorry, but have spent the last hour creating it. i hope i dont have to retype it all. sorry if it posts 2 times wherzdaluv
  10. please help stoping my insanity in using this post which is awesome and not using all of the remove bats i have made a spindle of coasters. finally figured out how to use vmware a little but my main problem is windows extracted to C drive go thru all it says , this is my first post so hopefully it is being posted to correct thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=9478 used the download from gosh these are what i did not remove--- network adapters, agent, I connection wizard, I explorer, I information services, netmeeting, Remote D connection, W Management Instrumentation, and Wordpad yes ran the before you begin, and in the end finsih off yet upon instalation, and i mean CLEAN instalation on another puter with nothing on it. i will only tell you the first few because of the length of the list of .dll etc not found cannot cpy files cnbjmon.dll pjlmon.dll dfrgres.dll and the list goes on and on i have taken this from a fully functional version of basic XP pro, so basic it doesnt even have an SP on it(oh for the replies that say try it on a sp1 i did) and since this post has not had any updates for a while and trust me i have dug around for a while to find updated posts and countless hours i am at wits end. if i could explain all to this post i have done it would be the size of a Stephen King novel. so i am trying to keep it basic. any help on this would be gladly appreciated wherzdaluv

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