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  1. 2020.txt_20201.txt.zip Who wants to sort and compare bios Setup changes from version 2020 to version 2021.Extracted from bios files. https://github.com/serdeliuk/VirtualBiosMod https://github.com/BoringBoredom/UEFI-Editor
  2. Installed softice(I don't know how to use it).Thought maybe it can give some hint or an idea. After I press C to continue, "Vcache protection error" appears
  3. disabled cores, downclocked to 2ghz, downclocked ram and increased timings, disabled lan, sound, sata controller, tpm, used less than 2gb partition fat, fat32, same. Booted from usb, same(on h87 it worked booting from sata and usb stick) Bootlog works. It stops at "[000EB590] DEVICEINIT = VCACHE "
  4. Tried with 16gb(same as h87) and it was the same. With DEVICE=HIMEMX.EXE /MAX=64M, [386Enh] SysVMEMSLimit=2048 MaxPhysPage=40000 [vcache] MaxFileCache=344064 same mem(dos7.1 version) DEVICE=HIMEMX.EXE /MAX=64M Memory Type Total = Used + Free ---------------- -------- -------- -------- Conventional 624K 59K 565K Upper 0K 0K 0K Reserved 0K 0K 0K Extended (XMS) 65,535K 3K 65,532K ---------------- -------- -------- -------- Total memory 66,159K 62K 66,097K Total under 1Mb 624K 59K 565K Total Extended (XMS) 65,535K (67,107,840 bytes) Free Extended (XMS) 65,532K (67,104,768 bytes) Largest executable program size 565K (578,288 bytes) Largest free upper memory block 0K (0 bytes) Available space in High Memory Area 1K (608 bytes) MS-DOS is resident in the high memory area.
  5. Tried Xmgr.sys, HIMEM.SYS /NUMHANDLES=64, HIMEMX.EXE , HIMEMX.EXE /NOABOVE16 /X /X2MAX32, it is the same.
  6. the h87 had 4 4gb sticks, 1060(gtx 1060)
  7. Is there a way to debug this? a way to trace and exclude memory with emm? On h87 with an i5 it worked(vdd protection error fixed by removing the 1060, and using igpu or ati x600).On z690 it does not work.I don't reach vdd protection error( I get vcache protection error).I can reach vdd protection error and pass it(with ati x600) if I boot with step by step and don't load ifshlp.vxd, but later I get blue screen vfat error with normal boot, safe mode, ends at "[00142D3F] DEVICEINIT = VCACHE" (I have 32gb ram, removed 1 stick and it was the same.Saw a video with a russian getting the same vcache protection error on z390, he then used an adapter and 2gb ddr4 sodimm and it was the same)

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