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  1. Hello everyone. I'm trying to get a NAS working with my Windows 98 PC. I have gotten SMB and FTP working but I like the security that iSCSI provides while giving the convenience of running things directly from a network drive on SMB. Microsoft seems to have gone on a rampage with deleting their old software from their site. I was hoping anyone here knew or if they are Microsoft employee, if they could help retrieve the Microsoft iSCSI Initator or see if they have it. Versions 1.0 to 1.06 are compatible with Windows 98. they recently just deleted version 2.08 for XP from their site. So I have a copy of that. I wish I made a backup of it. If anyone knows where to get it. It would be appreciated. CNet also seems to have deleted it.
  2. Hi everyone. The download link seems to be dead. Does anyone have a copy of the driver?

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