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  1. Actually, Everyone are lied. Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.256 works on Windows 2000. Check for updates: Successfully searching for updates: Downloading Updates: Installing Updates: System require reboot to complete the update: Here is the download link: <link to unredistributable removed> (If you wish to install by your own with the original Windows Update 7.6.exe , follow below. First , you have to extract the Windows Update Agent 7.6 by using 7-zip or winrar or other zip extracting software into a folder. When you open that folder, you will see three files. Then you have to extract a file called WUA-Downlevel into a folder. Open inside and run the wusetup.exe , run through the setup and it is done. A warm reminder , It has the same requirement like Windows Update Agent 3.0. Don't try to run directly from the Windows Update Agent 7.6.exe , otherwise a error message will pop up and said that the file is not a vaild win32 application.)

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