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  1. How to get control of colors when in native dark mode? I found registry keys but many apps just ignore them and look white. Some panels are dark and some elements white. Where can i tune window elements colors for all applications?
  2. Thank you for your nice addons! The best! May i give some suggestions to improve OldNewExplorer here? 1. When in folder, it shows number of elements and nothing more. I wish to see the total size of these elements, as i had before in other win7 mod of start amd explorer. 2. It would be cool to turn off main menu bar, and also ations bar. Instead of it i wish to have bookmarks bar. 3. How about tabs? I tried everything, clover was the best until i switched to win10, it doesnt remember tabs after exit now, damn. 4. Again, need explorer to remember last opened folder after exit.

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