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  1. Italian update for 3.2/3.3.3IT-IT.txt
  2. Italian translation for StartAllBack 3.1.2 IT-IT.txt
  3. Hello, Maybe I found a bug. It's my first with StartIsBack, definitely not bad for a software I use since 2013 If I redirect my "Documents" folder on a network mapped drive, instead of "Documents" I see the drive letter in the start menu. This doesn't happen with the standard start menu. How to reproduce: 1) Create a network share somewhere on a remote location (ex. "\\192.168\1.11\mydocs"). 2) Map the network share on a drive letter (P: -> "\\192.168\1.11\mydocs"). 3) Change the user "Documents" folder location to "P:\" (without quotes). 4) Tell Windows not to move documents to the new location. 5) Reboot PC. Now on start menu you should see "P:\" instead of "Documents". I attach a screenshot. Thank you Roberto

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